How Are You Living Your Life?

We Are Not In Control Of Destiny

Any minute, any second we could lose someone we know. We are not in control of our life's destiny.

How we live our life, while we are here in this world, is what counts. How we share, help and touch someone else's life is what counts. It's not all about you, it's not all about me but it's about a continuous circle of giving.

I have always said that nothing lasts forever and I mean NOTHING. I go through my own life without having expectations.

I have always been the type of person who has appreciated the simple things in life ... my friends... my family... and when I wake up each day, I think about what I can do for someone today.

I may not have much but what I can give comes from the heart. I have two shoulders for you to lean on, two ears that will listen and two arms to wrap around you in times of comfort.

People may come and go in our lives, but they leave their footprints within each of us.

Memories are what we continue to make through a lifetime and they become a part of us. Those memories will always be there for us to reflect upon. In a period of time we are allowed to connect to others who make our day somehow a little brighter.

People come into our lives for a season and a reason and even if it is for a short period of time, they give our life meaning.

Copyright 2008 Cecilia Bailey
I am a native Floridian with no expectations in life. I believe whenever there are deep emotions involved in life there will always follow hurt; you cannot have one without the other. I have used my mistakes as learning tools in life and I, to this day, continue to make mistakes and I still continue to learn.