Do Your Feelings Overwhelm You?


Today I cried, but only for a little
Scared of a future that my never be
Today I felt conflicted, stuck in the middle
Between dreams in my heart and the reality I see

Today I felt hopeful, but only for a little
I remembered and then forgot how lucky I am to be me
Today I felt strong, but only for a little
Then my weaknesses crept into the seams

Today I felt frustrated, but only for a little
I can't change things I can't control
Today I felt angry, but only for a little
Wondering why this life takes such a toll

But each passing feeling is only just that
A feeling that passes and then falls flat
They can cause tremendous joy and bring on great pain
They can make us feel elated or make us feel insane

But Today I am thankful, knowing we not our feelings
And they do not define
They only remind me of the need for the Divine
I can move through those moments when my feelings overwhelm
And know that these feelings are life's little hills

God has allowed me the ability to feel
So that when we reach the peaks, His presence is revealed.
Gods grace is sufficient; His arm of mercy is long
It is in our weakness that He makes us strong.

Copyright 2008 Anna Winfrey