There Are Many Aspects Of Life

October 3, 2008



What is Life?
It's a journey through a way,
Through which we must go-
Away and away…

What is Life?
It's a very tough game,
Performance is what-
Brings us the name…

What is Life?
It's today full of sorrow,
Face this eye to eye-
Joy will come tomorrow…

What is Life?
It's a puzzling riddle,
Go on solving it-
Don't stop in the middle…

What is Life?
It's a tearful road for miles,
Still walk with faith and honor-
You'll reach the land of smiles…

What is Life?
It's stormy and cold tonight,
But across this awaits-
A morning warm and bright…

What is Life?
It's a fairy tale about,
A seed of baby now-
In the future to sprout…

What is Life?
It's a bag of dreams,
Of vanilla skies-
And chocolate streams…

What is Life?
It's a chance to love,
So spread your arms-
The world is yours, just love…

--- Copyright © 1999 Arindam Dey
I am an aspiring writer from Kolkata, India. Currently I am a student of English literature, pursuing my master's degree, and my favourite author is Paulo Coelho. For more information, please visit my blog 'Invisible Impressions' at


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