Life Is About Love

Where is your Heart?

Patrick, a man down on his luck, had come to a difficult point in his life. He tried all imaginable ways to get himself in a better situation. Finally, when he had exhausted all his options, he turned to God.

"Lord, I need your help! I believe only you can help me."

God answered:

"Be still and know the truth! If you truly believed, you would have come to me first. You would have shared that first moment of need with me. If you knew I would help, you would not have waited until you had no other choice. I would have been your first refuge, not your last hope."

Patrick replied, "But I was upset with you Lord. For not protecting me from these hard times."

The Lords voice thundered compassionately, "I am the architect of the event; you are the interpreter of the moment."

"You are quick to negatively label my plan because of its implications for you. Why not take a look, if proof is what you need, at history. Events that were often presumed to be bad, have worked positively as planned. Let us even consider the death of my son. His words were real and true, but it was in his cruel death that his words were brought to life.

Patrick cried, "My God, I want to serve you and do your will. Why do I continue to find misery instead of bliss?"

"Look at yourselves, at your lives. You turn from love at every opportunity. Think of what you crave, at what you chase. Is there love to be found there? I will never steer you away from love. I promise there is no love to be found in the cold dungeons that harbor money and greed. And yet it is to those very dungeons that you point your life. You say you love me, that you believe in me, and that you are my servant, but your heart knows no lies. My question, my child, is where will I find your heart when I seek it?"

Copyright 2004 Steve Maraboli
A renowned Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach and Inspirational Writer, Steve Maraboli has risen to national prominence by delivering a highly profound message that helps people shake off mediocrity, destroy personal barriers, and live up to their greatest self. His extensive studies in self-empowerment will help you overcome the barriers that hinder personal and professional success.

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