A Beautiful Future Filled With Abundance


Each time something in our life ends, it creates room for a new experience. Within each new experience is a stepping-stone. Some are little tiny pebbles and others are big boulders. Some are fun and some are exhausting but with each passing day we learn why we are here, what our mission is and why different individuals come in and out of our lives.

Each time a relationship ends or we leave a relationship we must examine ourselves, our hearts, our souls. What brought us to this person to begin with? How did we attract them into our lives? How did they bring us into their reality and why?

Each step is part of the journey to going within and finding out who we really are, why we were brought here, and why we go through misery and pain sometimes.

We must first work on the inside and the outside will follow. Think about it? What is truly your life's mission? Do all that you can to create it. It's a journey… take the adventure.

You have gone through many rough periods in your life and many wonderful times too. You've helped people through their rough periods. You know what to do.

Focus on the solutions always. Stay focused on what you want, not what you don't want. You have hurt others as they did you. You are a spiritual being who has not yet come into her own.

You keep on getting right to the finish line and then you stop. Keep going this time, cross that line. You are deserving, capable and able. Sometimes if we just work on getting rid of anger, everything else will flow.

You are loved, dear one. This is the beginning of a beautiful future filled with abundance. Someone loves you and will be there for you...always remember that. We are never alone!

Copyright © 2008 Marion Licchiello
I have someone who is going through a divorce right now and I wrote this special for that person. I truly believe what I wrote. This holds true for friends who come and go, spouses, relationships, even family members. Everything is a stepping stone to a higher awakening!