Cherish The Moments

Cherish Your Meal With A Loved One

"Why don't you finish your bowl of porridge?" asked Mother.

" I don't enjoy it mama," I said.

"Remember how you loved it as a kid?" she said.

It was a long time ago, more than ten years now. We used to visit granny's place on our holidays. She was diabetic & occasionally had hunger pangs. She used to have a bowl of oat porridge as a mid morning meal.

I was her favorite grand daughter. The moment granny had her bowl of porridge ready, she would call out to me. I would leave all my play & run to her.

I used to savor the porridge meal with her. Every day I looked forward for the moment when we shared the porridge from one bowl. It felt heavenly, I felt as if I had never tasted anything so wonderful. She would plant her sugary kisses on me, once the meal was over.

Today, I find the same bowl of porridge tasteless. It reminds me of granny; it reminds me of her absence.

Cherish your meals with the loved ones; you never know when you will miss them.

written by Sheeba R.Lekhak - 2008 - Mumbai