Personal Power

Know What I Feel ... And I Sense My Power

Ask yourself:

"What have I always desired to be or wanted to do in my life?"

Then go within and listen. Something may just bubble up. Listen and trust ... for it may not come to you until some time later.

What is your vision?

Do you have a "pipeline consciousness" that is willing to:

  • Magnetize to you what you want.

  • Let go of old beliefs.

  • Learn and follow spiritual laws of creating prosperity.

  • Discover your real talents and, with them, create the work you love.

  • Listen to your higher self and manifest your destiny.

You and I are born unique miracles of love, yet we get disconnected from this love in our early years.

We will look everywhere for external clues to our meaning and purpose until we find these answers by GOING WITHIN and reconnecting with that wonderful power that made us a miracle.

That power is a wise, creative, healing and respectful Love.

On the way, there will be signposts and people to guide and teach us about the options we have to choose what our minds think; though, nobody else can learn our lessons or realize our dreams for us.

We choose thoughts each moment of every day we are here.

Often these thoughts are of hatred, criticism, guilt, remorse and fear which return to us - multiplied and magnified as EXPERIENCE.

However, if we choose to love ourselves from a place of deep respect, we dissolve these barriers and we re-learn that we are all MIRACLES.

Today, choose to have thoughts that free your "wonder child".

Copyright 2003 Roger King --- Submitted by L.C. --- New Jersey
From "Love The Miracle You Are" by Roger King