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The Question of Your PurposeWhy Am I Here?

Sometimes you stop abruptly, look around and fail to relate to the mad rat race. It feels exactly like everything's going round in circles. As kids, we'd stop after a dozen quick rounds and open our eyes to see and feel the 'kick', only that this one is not as much fun.

You start to think about the ultimate Summon some courage; try not to panic and set sail in the search of the Ultimate because if you don't have direction, you have less than nothing. Moreover, maybe sometimes, when you have lost almost everything but a tinge of hope, you feel the PURPOSE is to FIND THE PURPOSE.

Your purpose 'in the essence' could be the Universal Purpose and perhaps you are here to save (or shape) mankind!

Written in 2008 by Ashish P. --- India
That's perhaps the most important of all in life: To figure out what 'the purpose' is.