How To Manage Fear

Fear No More

While walking through the woods a sign came to me
a ray of sun to brighten my day
it slipped through the trees and glistened on me
like fairy dust that was protecting me

While walking through the woods I heard a howl
a wolf perhaps or maybe an owl
I wasn't afraid because I knew at that moment
this form of nature was sent to protect me

While walking through the woods I saw some berries
to remind me that I'll always have abundance
and even when I think no one, or nothing is around to help me
I could go out into nature and fend for myself

While walking through the woods I spotted some deer
I wasn't afraid because at that moment
I knew I'd never be alone

As I reached the end of my walk in the woods
I spotted the sun again...
my light at the end of my journey.
I knew then that I was never alone
and always protected and had abundance

While walking through the woods I realized
that fear will only hold you back
Do not be afraid...

If you stay focused on your journey
and get through all of the different obstacles and over any fears,
at the end you will see a ray of sunshine.
You will reach the light.
You will feel love.

Copyright 2008 Marion Licchiello
Marion is a Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Counselor.