Take Action

Teacher T and Teacher P

"Paradise is here or nowhere: You must take your joy with you, or you will never find it."
--- O.S. Marden

Working at a middle school last week, I met Teacher T and Teacher P. Concerned with the lack of grade-level and reading level material for middle school science, Teacher T and Teacher P (just the start of their real names) were moved to action. They began to create their own curriculum. And what a curriculum they created! It is a content-rich, multimedia explosion of information: think MTV meets Isaac Newton.

"We work 6:30 am 'till 6:30 pm on these lessons," Teacher P said. "We are the first ones here (at school) in the morning and the last one's to leave at night." I blinked, amazed at what happens when conviction moves to action.

Noting the low-economic conditions of his 6th graders, Teacher T set up a student store in his classroom. Students earn "money" for attendance, promptness, various class jobs, and demonstrating thinking skills. In a nod to the real-world of purchasing, students may use their classroom "debit card" to exchange dollars for durables.

I had many questions for Teacher T and Teacher P, clad in khakis, rumpled button-downs, and Vans.

My questions had to wait. This was not a day for conversing. It was a day for action and they had much to do.

Have you been moved to act recently? Is it time to extend to another or others power, energy, and time from your grace account? Husband Jim and I created some instructional materials for Teacher T and Teacher P, which they gobbled up in a frenzy resembling a vintage Pac Man game. We will make more. Our grace account has energy to share.

"Even the smallest crayon leaves a mark."
Amy Bowillan

Copyright 2008 Helen Teague
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