Share With Others

Learn From Wisdom/Teach From The Heart
A Minute In Time

Far away in another land...
Lies the answer in someone else's hands
At times, it's better to learn from someone who already knows
Than trying for hours to compose
That special letter, speech, event or song
It could take only a minute instead of so long

The best of the best have learned from their mentor
They learned how to go within to their center
The core inside that helps you stay balanced
The one that encourages you to share your talents
When we learn from another it's quicker at that
We then can pass it on in a drop of a hat

So learn from the masters and take it all in
The more you do this the more you will win
Knowledge and Wisdom - what wonderful things
The idea of it makes me feel as if I have wings
So I share with you how I have learned
Through others experiences whose lives have turned

I then took my own and shared with others
Knowing that the Universe is all sisters and brothers
The more people we help, the better we feel
It makes this bonding of the Universe seem so real
It is said that we are all one, connected to each other
So treat everyone as if they are your sister or brother

Help someone who feels that they cannot cope
Give them even a glimmer of hope
One minute sometimes is all it takes
To change a life before someone breaks

A minute in time to help a friend
Will sometimes be the best mend
One minute in time to help the poor
Will sometimes open many doors
Give your heart, your soul, your inner being
And this will make your heart sing!

Copyright 2008 Marion Licchiello
Marion is a Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Counselor.