I Am The Owner Of My Body And Mind

"I" am the owner of my body and mind.
"I" am not the body and mind!

We have so often heard statements like "My back is hurting", "My heart is longing for you", "My leg is aching after that strenuous soccer game"...

We have also heard many a times: "I am depressed", "I am angry", "I am hungry", etc. When I say, "I am hungry", I really mean that my stomach is hungry because by saying "I am hungry", it cannot mean my stomach, my shoulder, my arm, my legs, my head etc., are all hungry.

When I say, "I am depressed", it can at best mean only my mind is depressed, though I am not. When you are angry, when you are depressed, simply say silently in your mind, "It is not me but only my mind is depressed or angry". The magic of such recitation will douse the anger and dilute the depression.

I am the owner of my body and mind; I love my body and mind. They are my truest ever friends right from the time I came to this earth and they will remain with me till I breathe my last breath. To reach within my body, I use my mind. I often ill-treat my body and mind. I often smoke, I often drink, I often have sleepless nights just to complete a work, and I often eat junk food.

Yet, I am responsible for the state of health of my mind. When I trust my mind, my best friend and treat it well, when I provide it only with healthy food (positive thoughts), I know my mind will do wonders to keep my other friend, my body, in good health.

Over the years I have learnt, "A healthy mind resides in a healthy body". Then isn't it true, that when I have a healthy mind, my body will in turn remain or become healthy?

I have found the easy and simple way to keep my mind healthy. I know that my mind needs only healthy and positive thoughts to remain healthy. In turn, I know my healthy mind will keep my body healthy. I know that as I treat my best friends well - my body and mind - without any abuse, they in turn gift me a life of unending happiness with sound good health on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

I bow to the power of my inner mind for its boundless power. All the great work that happens through me, I know is because of a level that is far deeper than my conscious level.

I have realized that humility unleashes the power within me that helps me tide over all difficulties of life with profound ease and a smile.

Copyright 2004 Partho Rakshit