A Soul's Journey

Clouds.....silhouettes of azure clouds.....
Through them I descend, swiftly, towards the grounds
Between the angels and through their wishes; paying no heed
Reach down there, to my destination; I will indeed

To my grave and into my body,
Darkness wrapped; calm and cozy.
Reach for the air above - I heard myself say
As my legs kicked and arms swayed in disarray.

Morning dewdrops,
Glorious flora and the myriad colors Oh so sweet
Untamed my heart, skipped a beat

"Welcome back my friend," whispered a distant horizon
"........ prepare for life's journey, O my son"
Uncouth hair, wrinkled skin,
Eyes twinkling through an evil grin.

Took a step, then another and a third
My first steps in life..... ever.
Eternal bliss filled my heart's content
Live life, I will, to the full extent

Years became months and months turned to days,
Not a fleeting moment escaped my craze
Happiness, sorrow, tears and smiles,
I walked down life's lane, miles after miles.

Grandpa, Pa, and a lad if I may,
Grey I turned with each passing day.
Then, one fine day, speak I couldn't anymore
Memory of words I seemed to have no more.

Feet turned soft, skin so gentle
Head grew small, eyes so subtle....
Tears- no more I could shed,
All my fears seemed to have fled.

Hunger, pain and despair all coupled together
There I lay, innocent, in the arms of my mother.
"Its a boy," said a whisper...............

Written in 2005 by Musabbir Hussain