A Christmas Wish For Aunt Sue Meadows

If I could give you snow without cold this Christmas would be
A world designed for you beyond even your wildest of dreams
Christmas morning you would wake as never before
In a room of pink lace, white ribbons and more
Christmas Trees full of presents stacked high above your head
Everything you could wish for even ballet slippers of red

You throw back silk sheets to leap from the bed when you see
Two tiny young feet where your own feet should be
They are pink and not sore when at once you discover
There are even more surprises underneath this satin cover!
You are no longer a woman full of pain and worry
But now a young girl of eight with no reason to hurry

Golden gilt mirrors along every blue shaded wall
Show you it is no dream you are no woman at all
All of the cares of last week have all been taken away
Now there are no doctors no bills only urgency to play
A table filled high of teacups, whipped cream and scones
You wonder where am I is this really my home?

You have dresses of every color and fabric to choose
Shelves up to the ceiling filled with an assortment of shoes
Would you like to go outside and see your very own town?
You are the Queen here can you see your beautiful crown?

It's 8 inches tall trimmed in ermine fur as white as snow
Diamonds rubies emeralds and sapphires aglow
Only the best for you here that is so very true
But now we must keep going there is so much to do
I have to show you there is no time for delay
For age 8 that you are now you do not have to stay

If you want to be sixteen go ahead and just think
When you want things here you only have to blink
Another mirror you pass on your way out the door
To see curly hair of chestnut almost falling to the floor
A young woman of beauty elegance and grace
Looking out at her new self with your eyes in her face
This is how you have always wanted to see yourself
No illness no heartache you are a young woman of wealth
You can almost hear the energy in your new body flow
As you realize you can run and then you're ready to go!
Out into the flowering fields of roses lilies and heather
It is always warm here you no longer endure bad weather

You dance and you laugh you may even want to fly
Go ahead you wonderful girl just go on and try
For here it is possible to do anything you like
Just how long has it been since you have ridden a bike?
Maybe you would like to see something foreign or new
You can be in England Africa Ireland or France
Maybe go back in time to your prom for one last dance

Your heart is full of happiness you no longer are sad
I will now give you lost moments that you never had
Memories like water start to flood through your mind
A handsome face approaches he is so loving and kind
Another figure appears her hair is still soft and white
Mom and Dad are here with you their faces young and bright
Your family and friends you have known all your life
Have come to join you here where there is no more strife

Uncle Roger so Valiant, Faithful, and True from the start
Could not be left out for you both share one heart
Your girls are all talented and a concert is begun
Tammy sings, Vickie plays cello, and Dreama on drums
Your grandchildren dance and they shout out in laughter
When you realize this is what only comes after

A life well lived and those lines you had on your face
Not to mention God's Mercy and His Saving Grace
This wish that I have sent you will really come true
For in Heaven I'm sure there will be much more to do
One day when we're both standing there by that shore
We'll see your Mother and Dad and I'm sure there are more

Jesus came to this world on the most special of nights
To bring us back to him and the Father of Lights
I can give you this letter and write you a pretty story
Nothing will compare though when we see Him in Glory
You will then be transformed into the image of God
All our troubles down here we will walk where Jesus trod

This is not the end of my wish no not even by far
The last wish I wish for you I wish on the Christmas Star
For you to have the knowledge I have held inside my heart
From the day that I met you I have loved you from the start
The tender hands that held me tenderly with love and with care
Taught me of a God that promised always to be there

The smile in your eyes hiding the pain that I knew was inside
Now brings tears to mine when I know you have cried

Hopes and fears that have seemed to appear in the dark
Scaring and tearing your precious life-forces spark
Please understand this is not about a goodbye
I am sitting here smiling and starting to cry
For I wanted the time to tell you how important you are
And that you now at Christmas time have never been far
From my mind and my spirit always have the memory
Of the love and devotion you have freely given to a kid like me

I still remember the way that you held me when I was a child
As I cried for a doll named Candy and me and Dreama got wild
We would race through your house like monkeys and shout
When we got older your prayers kept us safe without a doubt
If encouragement is needed you have always had The Word
To talk and say to me the same things you had heard

When at my age you needed guidance that came from above
So now I say to you these words carefully phrased in Love
No other woman on this Earth could ever give to me
The humble expectation of who I want so much to be
For when my children need my time and my work isn't through
I will put my priorities in line and think what would you do

There are many people I have known to walk this world
I look up to a few of them and have since I was a little girl
Some of them have turned out to be average and lame
They lived like they would never die and life was just a game
To this letter I have to say I have another thing to add
Thank you Uncle Roger for being my idea of a Dad

Your story hasn't ended for it is going on in my mind
How if I could I would reward all of your works so kind
There is one who has a tally of all that you did do
And I for one think He should be the one to reward you
He has gone to prepare a place for you to go to live in Glory
And at the gates of Pearl in Heaven an Angel will tell the story
Giving God the praise of all the times you walked in the fire
How He had a plan to give you faith and give you the desire
To pray unceasingly for souls that were in desperate need
And ears that softened to his voice and words that planted seed

You are my role model my favorite aunt and friend
If I could give you my wish my own body I would lend
There are so many places you may have wished to roam
The Eiffel Tower in France or a mansion to call home
I cannot take you on a luxury cruise to the South Sea
But I will try to tell you just how much you mean to me

If I could make all your sadness and your woes depart
I would give you the very last beat of my heart
No other Aunt is more cherished this much is true
There is no other I would want if I didn't have you
You have given me more than my soul could ever demand
And it all started when you were born at God's command
If it is true what they say about the flowers that grow
Then thorns must survive and I have begun to know
The reason why, it has always been there for me to see
You have to have thorns if a Rose you are to be
The Lord has a garden on Earth I would like to believe
People of every color and creed those who weep and those who grieve
There are lilies of white, orchids of blue, pink, and green
So many different flowers that you and I have never even seen

There is a place in this garden that I like to imagine
By a beautiful river where the air smells like Jasmine
The most wonderful sights and smells you see
And there in that garden walking right beside of me
Is the most wonderful person that I am delighted to know
My precious Aunt Sue, God's own Beautiful Red Rose

Sometime in the future we will wake up and find
We have all come to have dinner with the Master of the Vine
And upon his table at the Marriage supper of the Lamb
That same red Rose will be blooming near Jehovah's mighty hand
You will be given eternal life that no disease could ever erase
I can't wait to be there with you and see health on your face

No one deserves more than the best of things in this life
Just know that you are loved as Aunt, Mother, and Wife
You mean more to me than a relative of my mother
If she wasn't mine I would choose only you, no other
For you see I needed two to make it through this world
I am hers but also yours a red headed little girl!

Thank you for being one of the most special people to have ever touched my life. My prayers and Love are with you.
Your niece, Mary Hull

Copyright 2005 Mary M. Hull
My aunt has battled cancer for 15 years. The cancer is now in her liver. This poem is my Christmas gift to her.

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