The Here And Now

The critical time for accomplishing anything is in the here and now. Every day is a day to dare to do my best. Each day provides opportunity for self-improvement/self-renewal.

Today's accomplishments, not yesterday's or tomorrow's, produce the most satisfaction as what I accomplish today can give me an immediate feeling of self confidence and direction.

The critical time for accomplishing anything is in the here and now, today. The most important ingredient in future performance is present performance. The most difficult tasks are consummated, not by a single explosive burst of energy or effort, but by consistent daily application of the best I have within me.

Practice is an opportunity to improve my skills.

Approach each practice with enthusiasm, as nothing great has ever been accomplished without it. Challenge myself mentally as well as physically and I will start to enjoy the price of success rather than pay for it.

Desire... the "want to" is the extra which enables an athlete to take whatever ability he/she has and utilize it to the maximum. Total effort gives an athlete a special kind of victory... victory over himself/herself.

I will make this the best day and the best practice ever.

--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Erin Morris --- Pennsylvania
My old club swim coach, Dave Gibson, gave us this write-up to my group when I was in high school. Still, to this day, I read it before I go to every practice because it helps motivate me to do my best. I am now swimming for Penn State.

Side note: Erin is an awesome competitor and a true champion. I can see why these words move her. Learn from these words, embrace them and live them. Have a great week ahead!