Let Love Guide Your Spirit

I pray you have the Imagination,
To dream your heart's desires;
And let there be no limits set,
Just reach out and light the fire;

I pray you have the Strength and Will,
To know they Can come true;
If you see it, feel it, know it,
Then yes, it can be YOU;

And, I pray with all my might,
You have the Courage to stand;
And take the steps you need to take,
To be what ever you can;

For this life is only fleeting so,
Too short to not take risks;
Reach and grab that shining star,
Because there are No Limits;

In each and every One of us,
There is a tiny spark;
Make it glow and show the way,
When all else appears dark;

You know you Can, so Do it,
Put that Action into gear;
And get to where you want to be,
Just Know there's Nothing to fear...

Copyright 2006 Vicki Muller
Let Love Guide Your Spirit...

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