Family Matters

I have learned very little in my nineteen years of life, but the one piece of knowledge I have acquired or, one could say, earned through my own grave mistakes is that the bond between family remains strong even through the most turbulent of waters.

Your family is the first thing you know; the only thing you have to lean on when you don't yet have the ability to walk nor even crawl, and gives you a head start in this twisted endeavor we call life wherein the liberation of finally being taught to walk (most people's first achievement) gets you into places you do not wish to be.

Some of these situations may be caused, or seemingly thereof by your family, but I have learned through pain and suffering that things will end up turning for your betterment: After all, speaking of love, as it is the highest form of knowledge; how can one acquire knowledge unless it has been tested and proven to be true?

This fact has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt: family is not only your first, but also your last resort: And although one cannot realize it today, situations will occur in the near future, sooner than one would expect - most likely sooner than one thinks, and that will be the day one fully appreciates the value of people who love them, no matter what was done or said, because,

"The past has been forgotten, right now is being created by you yourself, in every breathe you inhale, then, inevitably exhale. And then, the scariest proposition of all, the future awaits creation. So do not wait for someone to create your future for you. You hold the power in your own hands to create anything and everything, just as you have the power to refuse to inhale your next breath, which brings you into the future you have yourself created. So create, with all your heart and soul, create... For every person wants to leave a mark on the world and what simpler way to do it than just through living life: inhaling and, then inevitably, exhaling."

What is the meaning of loving someone? Is it not the undying feeling of wholeness that can only be realized with the presence of another that one feels a part of?

"For when a person is in love; they are not in love with their partner; but they are merely in love with the part of themselves that they have spent their life searching for: A person knows they have found true love when looking at their partner is like looking at a perfected reflection of themselves, whole; all imperfections forgotten, in a reflection that seems to never end."

And at the end of the search for one's true companion is where we find true happiness. What feels better than knowing you are being held in the arms of one that feels the same way as you do?

Invaluable life lesson learned:

I just talked to my mother after a year of non-communication: I took the first step, acknowledged that I was wrong (although I don't believe I was, but that's the whole point) and all of a sudden the motherly love (the best kind) came flowing just as strong as the day I came out of her womb: I know because I can feel it... Possibly the simplest to follow through with and best decision I have ever made in my life.

Written in 2005 by Paul Janicki --- Canada
I just wrote the preceding thoughts after pulling an all-nighter trying to get myself to talk to my mom after a year of silence. I've never felt better, and to all of the people out there struggling with family issues, I just want to say, "A word is worth a thousand pictures". By the way, if anyone cares, me and my mother are back together, just like it was back in the day, and I've never been happier!

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