You Can

You can banish all our pain
Along with cloudy days of rain.
You can turn around a derailed life
From colliding with a train.
You can turn one's life
To a thousand sweet refrains.

You can shower us with rays of sunshine,
Light and hope
When we have truly come
To the end of our rope.
You can make the sun rise and set
On distant shore.
You can provide us with the esteem and confidence
That we never had before.

You can raise us up to impossible heights,
From the lowest of depths.
You can inspire us to begin a journey of renewal
Of a thousand steps.

You can turn a lonesome and mundane day
Into a little fun.
You can make the despondent feel
that victory has been won.
You can turn a dark cloudy day
Into a bright, midday sun.

You can make a frisky puppy teach the old "new tricks"
You can make that same cuddly puppy warm the coldest of hearts
With a few wet and well placed licks.

You can make a loving child
Turn someone's tears to smiles,
You can spread your love and miracles
Over endless miles.
You can!

Copyright 2006 Joseph P.Martino

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