Forgive Me Please




Forgive Me Please

September 8, 2006


Forgive me please when I act out,
for the pity parties stirred from a lot of self-doubt

Forgive me please for my silent voice,
for being bothered too much by another's noise

Forgive me please when I shout and fuss,
when I talk too much or in great anger cuss

Forgive me please for calling you names,
for gossiping and groaning because we're not the same

Forgive me please when I won't forgive,
God's told me it's wrong so I can rightly live

Forgive me please when I brag and boast;
it's inferior feelings, just so you I'll know

Forgive me please for picking you apart;
the words steal your joy and later tear out my heart

Forgive me please when I worry and fret,
for I'm human like you so don't be upset

Forgive me please when I act better than thou,
for indeed it's an act and you know this now

Forgive me please when I hate what I'm not,
just pray for me for that would mean a lot

Forgive me please when I bring in my past,
and make you pay for what another did last

Forgive me please as I beg your pardon;
for you'll need it too else your heart grow hardened

But most of all, I need God's forgiving touch,
and I know that I am, His Son meant that much…

--- Copyright © 2006 Brian G. Jett
Brian is a longtime friend and contributor to Motivating Moments.
Be sure to check out his site!


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