Our Lives Are Better Left To Chance…

My family and I recently attended a Sweet 15. In the Hispanic culture, it is more traditionally know as a Quinceanera. I wanted to share with you some special moments that I witnessed that day.

I saw a moment during the church service, a mother's true love for her daughter. Mom stood up and shared some special thoughts of what she described as her strong-willed daughter. As she began to speak, her voice began to shake. She spoke with pure conviction of the bond they shared with one another. Everyone in the church began to feel the true love they had for one another. If mom had only kept talking, I believe all the parents, especially the moms in attendance would have been in tears.

There was another moment, one that made me believe of a daddy's love for his little girl. This took place at the reception. You need to first paint a picture in your mind of how special it must be for a father to dance his last dance, if you will, with his little girl.

The young girl looked especially beautiful that day, almost magical in her long white dress. Her cheeks looked like roses and her blue eyes like flowers. The curls in her hair bounced as she walked in the room. You could see her sparkle as she walked along to the middle of the dance floor. She looked like Cinderella and daddy like Prince Charmin standing there holding her hand.

"The Dance" by Garth Brooks began to play and the magic unfolded as they held each other and began to dance. As the dad held his young daughter, they looked like they were dancing on air. Her dress swayed from side to side as he held her tight. How special this must have felt to be in her daddy's arms that night.

The song finally came to an end and it was time for daddy to let go…but he couldn't. He stood there big and strong, as his body began to shake, and then broke down as he began to cry. It was a very special moment. Here was this giant of a man, towering over his young child, but yet with the innocence of a baby he fought hard to hold back his tears. He held his little girl by her arms as he leaned over and gave her a big kiss on her forehead. He embraced her as he wiped the tears streaming down his face.

As I stood there watching all this happen, I felt a big lump in my throat and I quickly began to share his pain. It made me sad but yet, at the same time, it made me happy. This is what it was all about. Daddy had always been there for his little girl.

As Garth Brooks sang his last note, I could feel dad "looking back on the times he shared" just like the song was saying. Daddy kissed her again and then his little girl turned and walked away.

Hug you children everyday and tell them you love them. Time stands still for no one. One day you'll be looking back and your memories will seem nothing more than a dream.

Copyright © 2001 Johnny Silvas