Battle Against All Our Odds

Right now I am puzzled about my life. I feel I am reaching a very important stage of my life and am looking inside myself to understand what is going on! Though I can't find the unique answer, I see many probable reasons and am feeling confused. Where will I end up? I have to work on each one of them and come up with proper solutions, but I have come to one conclusion: until I fix those problems, some new ones will pop up. This will go on endlessly but you have to keep your balance and outwit them. They are meant to pass by, so why we have to keep ourselves haunted by their presence?

The best way to keep yourself upright is to have faith in your potential and destiny. If you are caught in the trap of self-pity you are killing yourself; never ever do it. God has blessed us all with our lives to accomplish some mission with our lives. We are blessed with something that is real and unique inside us; nobody can copy it or steal it.

Why do small worries worry us? I agree that sometimes worries come to us in parade like fashion. You start losing interest, faith, and dedication. Everything you try seems to be in vain. But if you are on this steaming point, where everything seems to get vaporized, just wait and hang on! Be patient and use every ounce of your willpower to keep yourself upright because no other option would work at that time. We have to do it because otherwise we are declaring that we are defeated. Wait cannot be taken as defeat. We have to think that life is like sinewave, with equal magnitude. If I am going through all negatives to the peak, I am bound to enjoy positive peaks also.

It was written somewhere that when you keep a thing in your mind, and keep on pursuing it or repeating it, it definitely turns to it's physical equivalent. So don't get haunted by your worries, but don't flush them either. Sort them out with the solutions and keep those solutions in your mind and throw yourself into work again and just relax; you have done everything under your control. We are bound to get opportunities and a chance to turn them to into realities. Time is the only issue now.

Don't get disheartened by that period. Be sure you are hammering them in a right way to shape them all. If you can achieve the desired results, it will add to your confidence - the key of life. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow but it's always good to live life with a positive approach and confidence. It fetches us good always.

Again confidence is of two kinds:

1. Internally generated
2. Externally generated

Internally generated confidence is the internal motivation and conviction that things will happen in a way I want and I'll make my way through with my capabilities, no matter what happens.

Externally generated confidence is the case in which we have already had some success; we have achieved and reached some productive stage. This stage gives you command of your life in terms of confidence.

The only difference between the two types is the level. Internally generated confidence is like the elementary level that helps in every situation. You have to generate, nurture and maintain this type of confidence throughout your life. If you have it always, then you get a chance to get externally generated confidence through your achievements. This is like an intermediate level. You are not privileged to reach this level if you don't generate and maintain internal confidence and pass the elementary level. If you don't have it, practice to have it & to believe in it and you will definitely go ahead with it.

I have the opinion that "Depth of pain is inversely proportional to the rate at which you accept the facts". Once you accept the facts fast, nothing remains there to haunt you. Your battle itself starts with acceptance. Ironically most of the time we can't accept the facts at a faster rate because we are afraid of our own image. Again I believe that many a times we become victims of our own image. Our past makes our image. Present and future are not involved in building this image, so we have to give a thought --- Do we create our image or does our image, built in the past, pressure us as to how to behave in the present?

Once the above stage is over, what is important is to gather all the contributing factors to prepare for the greater resultant force against our odds. Many times we try to avoid others when we are going through the odds. I should have trust in my people and my conscience. When I am trying to fight with outside odds, I have to gather all the help and support, which they will extend and have, to win my battle and come out successfully. Issues like image or ego shouldn't be on your radar to tackle with at that time. I am sure that everybody who is sensitive never loses a chance to help others in need.

Last, but not the least, all that is explained here is a sort of process for refining yourself. It will take time, but it's worth it to invest in yourself because it really pays off in the long run. There is no magic wand in this real world to transform our problems into solutions in a second! We know perfectly well what can turn our dreams into realities…DON'T WE???

Written in 2005 by Priyanka D. Teredesai --- India