My Thoughts, One Night, A Couple Years Ago

I have this life that is fun at times,
can bring me down and knock me out..
I've done a few drugs and messed up more then once,
but those days are gone, and know I seek a more peaceful mind..

I love to drink; it soothes my soul and escapes my fears.
I have this job that I freaking hate, yet I go every freaking day.
I enjoy the money and all it can buy,
because I want it all in this dream they call life.

I am happy, but not yet fulfilled.
I like to have fun, entertain my mind,
to see it all as I am trapped in a bind.
Tied up in a knot this luxury called money.

I buy what I need, but bleed for my wants.
Full with urges concealed inside,
I want to indulge in all that is mine.
I want it all, still I can't have,
why is this dream hard as hell?

Trapped like a slave, compressed with desires.
Staving for an answer, I ponder and wonder.
I want to be free as I sit in denial
with the sins I've unleashed over the while.

Be my friend is all I ask.
Love each other, forgive the past.
Difference attracts, yet minds are corrupt.
We fight for status, yet long to love.

Strength is within, not from power,
embrace one another and live together.
Unite as one or divided we will fall;
this dream they call life may not be that hard.

Diversity is around, we all can see,
but what it brings is blind and free.
We teach each other and learn from another,
but still this dream we all cannot see.

Pressure to be the best is pushed within,
giving others the urge to end.
Frustration from beneath may bring harm to one,
when all they may need is to have a little fun.

Anyone can give a tiny bit of hope;
bring a smile to a face, and a tear to their own.
Lift one's spirits is all we need,
put one down and another may bleed.

Forget all the crap and sustain these needs,
stand tall and proud, build one's self-esteem.
Prosper and grow, leash together
and give all you see a sense of hope.

Guide the lost and lead if needed,
don't be bashful and give one another security and freedom;
a sense of belonging, so worth and needed.
It is like it's own dream glued to a person without even knowing.

These are the words that need to be understood,
to guide one's dreams throw this crazy world.
It is hard, yes I must say,
we are different but still the same.

A human race, searching the paths for which we've been given,
a life that is ours.
So go to the top leashed with these tools
and this dream they call life will be ours to know.

Copyright 2006 Michael Palmer