The Value of Training

Everyone within an organization is being asked to increase his or her skill level today. With downsizing, right sizing, unemployment at an all time high, you are being asked to bring additional value to your position.

Where would professional athletes be if they didn't continuously train to improve their performance?

Would Tiger Woods be as good as he is if he just stopped training?

How about you? You are a professional in whatever position you hold. Your job is to best the best you can be. Have you put training on hold because you don't think you need it, don't have time for it or are you just waiting for someone else to suggest it?

Like an athlete, we must continue to train and improve our skills, both professionally and personally.

For years I have worked on constantly improving my skill levels. Do I know all I need to know to compete effectively in today marketplace? Do I know all I need to know to keep my relationships growing and dynamic?

Of course not! Self-improvement, both personally and professionally is an ongoing process. Everyone needs to utilize tools to help him or her grow.

There are many tools you can use for growth - a new one is called Seminars on DVD.

Have you ever attended a live seminar, given by a dynamic speaker? Remember how fired up you were when you left the seminar, determined to make the necessary suggested changes, only to find days later you had forgotten some of the key ideas?

What if there was a way that you could take that live seminar with you, and experience it again and again when it's convenient for you, without having to leave your office? What if you also received a full length audio of the seminar and a workbook on the same DVD? Could you listen to the audio in your car on the way to work and continue on your life long learning path?

I've personally experienced the Seminars on DVD and I would like to offer you the opportunity to explore their offerings and grow like I have. The quality is amazing and it feels like you're right there.

With a general emphasis on business growth, sales, & overall success, the DVD's cover a wide array of topics for personal and professional success. For example: time management, communication skills, customer service, memory techniques, positive attitude, goal setting, outsmarting the competition, and many more.

Don't waste time, be a life long learner. Build your own library of DVD's that you can refer to and watch yourself grow!

Copyright 2006 Marlene Blaszczyk