Imagine a world where all your best friends live in the same neighborhood, where everything they ever wanted to do or be is right there, waiting for them. You could all stay in the same location.

You could all travel together, to places you'd all enjoy. You might split off for a while here or there, but you'd always come back to each other. If you wanted to visit each other, imagine there being special meeting places for each of you, all in your neighborhood, and no more than a mile or so away. Not 5000 miles.

Imagine no wars. Imagine peace. No electronics. Always acoustic guitars, always singing, always gathering together each day.

Imagine everyone learning from everyone, teaching. Good things, always good things. Imagine if kindness, love, caring, honesty, gentleness, laughter, hugging, smiling, friendship, were the only things all people ever knew.

Teamwork. No government. When making a decision, people thrived on the virtue of fairness, and everyone, of one accord, chose what was really best for all.

Imagine immortality. No pain, grief, or suffering.
Imagine no racism, hate or greed.
Imagine saying, "What a wonderful world!" and truly meaning it.

Remember the warmest hug you've ever gotten, and you will have love.

The most genuine good thing someone has ever said to you, and you will have kindness.

Imagine sharing the spotlight with your friends, being in it together, and you will have fairness.

Remember that we are all human, and you will have equality.

Sing together, you'll have unity.

Keep doing good little things for someone, and you'll build trust.

"The secret to a genuinely peaceful world is within us.
We can make it so, if we all start now.
Right now, pledge to do acts of kindness each and every day
Be gentle, kind, caring, and loving
Always smile. Laugh!
Learn. Teach. Above all, be patient.
Share, be part of a team, and be fair.
Listen. Sing. Play. Be the music.
Hug someone.
Remember the ultimate goal of true unity...
And the world will live as one."

Copyright 2004 Amanda Beadle
This was written for an English assignment when I was in Grade 10. The assignment was to read the lyrics to John Lennon's song "Imagine", and then write a poem about what I thought a peaceful world would be like.

Please enjoy, and remember to always imagine a peaceful and positive world. Peaceful and positive thoughts, feelings, and dreams, can and do turn into reality. It's all up to us. Just imagine, and then do what it takes to make positive thoughts and dreams come to life. We can all make it happen, if we want it badly enough! Why not start today? ...Imagine.