Who Am I?

You are born into this world free
Free from fault or guilt
Born innocent.
You are then bombarded with
Expectations, control, blame, rules and responsibilities.

Does this make you defined by external sources?
Are you what you are told you are or who you are told to be?
Because of something we are born with that cannot be taken away
A soul that possess innate qualities that make us human.
These qualities are governed by choice.

We can choose to
Love or to Hate
Rejoice or Hurt
Laugh or Cry
Our life experiences can influence or seemingly compel us to follow a path but ultimately the choice is ours.

What keeps us from making a choice to change are our fears
Fears of
Being alone
Being judged
Being unworthy.

We can either change or be changed.
Souls are born free therefore WE must choose the life WE want FOR OURSELVES so as not to imprison our soul!

Don't be afraid of being alone
As long as you have your soul, you are not alone.

Don't be afraid of being judged
Your soul doesn't judge you so why should you let anyone else?

Don't be afraid of being unworthy.
Your worth is not defined by what you do or what is done to you.
You are born with a worth that never fades.
You only have to look in your soul to find your worth.
It is always there.

Who you are is who you want to be.
Who you want to be is in your soul.
Nurture your soul. Listen to your soul.
Nobody can change your soul, not even you.

You can ignore it or you can embrace it.
To ignore it is to die.
To embrace it is to live.
Choose LIFE for you are born free and die free - so live with FREEDOM.


A poem by Rebecca Pascoe --- Queensland, Australia
email: brkc1@yahoo.com.au