To My Dear Katherine

In the quiet recesses of my heart, lies a room
All of the window shades have been drawn,
The candles unburned
The furniture is covered in sheets
The air is musty; dust and cobwebs fill the voids

Some have come to claim the vacancy,
Desiring to liven and occupy the room
They try to unlock the majestic doors -
Offering love, kindness, talents and more
Some have been true, and occasionally candles would flicker
Or sunlight beam from partly opened shades
But the candles would dim and the shades be pulled,
And ultimately, the room remained unclaimed

But this weekend, the room had hope - had life
With sweetness and tenderness never before seen,
The doors opened and bid you entrance
Your physical beauty undraped the furniture
And brought color to the room
Your inner beauty, brightened and cheered the room -
Lifting shades and causing flames to dance on candle tops

Your smile and thoughtful eyes
Brought a quiet peace to the room
Your gentleness and humility freshened the air
With a bouquet of fragrances
The softness of your nature provided a soothing melody
Your kisses filled the dinner table with a banquet of delights
And the room was happy

You have gone for a season,
But the doors remain open and the candles still burn
The room misses you and waits -
Prays that destiny will smile upon it
That your soul is meant to fill,
Decorate and give meaning to the room


Copyright 2005 Michael Ulshafer
I awoke one morning and wrote this, from my heart, to my Sweetheart Katherine.