In this poem, I try to get the point across that if only one person could open their hearts and their arms to just one depressed person they could make a big difference in this world.

Some people are too blind and ignorant to support others through mental or heart breaking issues. Giving is better than receiving, especially when your kindness could change a person's outlook on life - even if it is for only a short time until the next good influence comes along.

A favorite saying of mine I end this poem with, "If at first you don't succeed, try again." I'm sure we have all heard it, fall off the horse get back on and ride it. Life is about learning from our mistakes and trying again.

When I was a young girl
I didn't have anyone to teach me right
I grew up thinking right was wrong
And then, that was all I knew

Today I ponder how I've become
Such a tall, shining bright light
I don't know
I should have sunk with the pack
And lost the fight

It was that kind caring stranger
When I had nowhere else to go
Could have been the taxi driver
Who picked me up at the age of five
It was that nice caring teacher
Who I really loved and respected so

These are just a very few they helped me
To battle the fight of life

It only takes one person in this world
To make a difference
Only one

Only one person
To open their eyes and their heart
To help another

They saw the good in me
Their trust and their love
Will never be gone

The reward for these people
Is more than money
So don't bother

Yeah, I took in the good each person had
A different lesson to learn
I changed my life path
And it became an inter-winding wide road

I recognised the bad
Changed it to good
As right was always right

Today I still struggle
But that's what it's about

Life is one big fight
And you won't win
Unless you try to get it right.
If at first you don't succeed
Bloody try again, mate
Before you throw in the towel.

Copyright 2006 Tammy Clancy
Tammy is a working/single mom from NSW, Australia

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