The Best Of You Is Within

The Girl Within

Where is that innocent ambitious little girl,

Rambunctious teen,

High school beauty queen,

Netball, track star, thought that would get you far?

The one who was a prude but they thought you were rude.

You had the spark, you had the zeal,

For you, nothing in life was too big a deal.

You were never in a clique because you were so unique.

The great orator, your peer motivator.

In academics you excelled, you debated, you spelled.

You dreamt each day to be the best,

Never failing any test.

You definitely were nobody's fool,

For that's the reason you came to school,

To yearn, to learn,

No dreams to burn.

You wanted it all,

Determined you will never fall.

You promised her you would take the time,

To rise, to shine,

This world will be mine!

But you left her there to sleep,

While her promises you didn't keep.

Can you wake her now? Ignite the spark,

That once led you through the dark,

And be the girl you left behind?

Because without her, you will never find

The future that for you won't wait

Because she is the brave one that holds your fate.

Copyright 2011 Easton Leiba

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