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"Why have a website like yours? For one it's "ground zero", perhaps when one feels like a zero. All of us, no matter our status, income and such at times feel like this. When you're at ground zero or feeling wonderful about self, one click and an insight, a story. And off we go running like little schoolgirls or boys reflecting; ready to take on this day. Your life is making an impact on hundreds of thousands of people. Your positive message is being heard like a symphony."
Miles Patrick Yohnke --- Canada

"Unable to sleep, I stumbled onto your site this morning and I must tell you, it's a joy! I've been looking for a site this well done and I want to thank you. What a pleasure and finding it has made my day! Just wanted you to know..."
Mary B. --- Panama

"Thank you for your E-mail. I just want to tell you that I'm getting ready for the world championships in Japan this year in Aug. Yes, I am motivated more than ever this year. I would like you to know that every day I get up in the morning and go to your site and read all the quotes I can. I believe if you start your day off right with something positive, the rest of the day is a Good day, so I would like to just say thank you."
Maurice Greene --- Olympic Champion

"This web site is great source of inspiration to me and many more people across the globe because it connects you with your inner self. I am a learner & believe I can gain & learn from anybody & everybody no matter what walks of life he is from. My personal Vision Statement is: " Keep learning - Keep Growing " Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my own idea with these beautiful people across the Globe. Warm Regards,"
Dineish S. Pardesi --- India

"For the past 37 years I have been involved in the fitness industry as a personal fitness trainer. It has been a very rewarding occupation, enhancing people's minds and bodies. Recently, I began to explore another lifelong passion, woodworking, in the capacity of creating and designing unique and extraordinary exotic hardwood sculptures. What I found was so profound, in transforming a piece of wood into a finely intricate art piece. So similar to what I've been doing for the past 37 years, leading people to a metamorphosis in life. I would like to express my appreciation to you for your enhancing and enlightening site. Throughout the years I've been a constant visitor seeking motivational stories and quotes to constantly encourage clients to a more fulfilling life. With much gratitude, "
Bob Arriaga

"Thank you for posting the story! I'm so happy people will read my story...hopefully someone will be helped by it. I think what your doing with your website is good and I hope that these stories continue to inspire. God Bless,"

"Thank You Marlene, it was so wonderful of you publish a quote of mine which I submitted quite some time back. I failed to submit a quote this month as a lot of motivation keeps spurring me into action and I find little time for anything else. Your website has inexhaustible source of stories and quotes and many of my friends are already visiting it. Thanks once again for making a difference,"
Bhupender Sharma --- India

"I read a quote from Motivateus.com on daily basis. It helps me understand things and help inspire people. Thank you!"
Clarence Bates

"I read your pages on a weekly basis and use them to inspire me to reach my potential. Keep up the fantastic work."
Adnan Kauser --- United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for your kind words and for publishing my writing. It means so much to me. It's a great feeling to know that I can make a difference with my experiences in life. My life has been full of great pain and losses. But the blessing is the lessons learned. It's very rewarding to know that my pain can help another. I will take your advice and dream big! Thank you Marlene and I wish you all the blessings that life can bring. Your website has helped me through many years of self discovery and hardships. It's a blessing to many and the world thanks you for what you do for us. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be part of the wonderful work you do."
Yanira Crespo

"Marlene, thank you for your prompt response. I will remember you for your kindness, and yes, I will spread the word about your organization."

"Marlene, I just read it and you presented it beautifully, just as you did all the others on today's list. What a lovely, thoughtful, caring ministry you have. God bless you."
Mariane Holbrook --- North Carolina

"I just wanted to let you know that in my effort to make students stride towards being the best person that they can be, I use quotes from your website to keep that motivation in them. We also sometimes announce those quotes over the loud speaker so that everyone in the building can hear it. I wanted to say thank you and let you know that here at Sheridan Elementary your quotes make a difference."
Sylvia Brockman

"My company, Paul Davis Restoration of Cleveland Metro, has a weekly staff meeting which always starts with the quote of the week. Quite often the quote comes from your website. Thanks!"
Jeff Suszynski

"I have a school where I teach people how to become wedding & event planners and also how to start their own businesses. I love to inspire people and I use motivation quotes alot. Thank you for the website, it's been extremely helpful."
Allie Wester

"Thank you very much for an enlightening web site. God bless you."
John Mealka --- Arizona

"Thank you for your response. I wasn't expecting a reply, it's good to know that someone actually reads your emails and the response is not computerized. I will continue to use this great site; I share inspirational and Motivational quotes with my staff. I enjoy reading the quotes and applying them to our forever changing lives. Thanks again for the response,"
Phyllis Boyd-Downey

"I am very thankful for this site and I am a faithful user. Each morning I write one of the quotes on the board, and one of my students read it aloud and we briefly discuss what the quotes means to us. Thanks and God Bless,"
B. Clayton

"Marlene, I was sitting here this morning and wanted to extend thanks for letting me share a story and for the wonderful things you do. I take your quote of the day, everyday and write it down then send it off to Jennifer while she sits in her cell. I don't know if it helps but I would think reading an inspirational quote every day has to have an impact. I know most people would have given up by now but she's still Gods child and hopefully I made a difference somewhere somehow. Take care and thank you for the quotes. "
Bill Renda

"Wow this has been a true blessing to receive your news this morning, and thank you for choosing my writings to display on today's edition. Thank you again, I truly appreciate you and for helping inspire others with Motivating Moments. I am convinced that this website helps many get through life's ups and downs!! Continue the wonderful work!!!!! May God continue to bless you always!! Kind regards,"
Christina E. Mireless

"Thank You Marlene for taking the time to look for some poems for me and mum; they were perfect thanks."

"Thank you for accepting my quote. I am a teacher and I always share the great motivational quotes from your site with my students. Keep up the good work."
Mohita Chauhan --- India

"I just wanted to say how much I love your site. I am a supervisor of pharmacy operations and I overlook 18 people. I have given my team a quote of the day every day for well over a year and I found your site about 6 months ago. My team loves your quotes, as do I. I also absolutely love the new "Quote of the day". It's fantastic! Thanks!"
Melinda Bakunowski

"HAPPY 9TH ANNIVERSARY! For me, it is my 4th year as your persistent, contented ...nay, RAVING PARTICIPANT. In the past, I've told you how very much you your website has enriched my life, how the sharing of countless others have reinforced my own beliefs... challenged some of them...or convinced me that there is another way of seeing things. Truly I wish the 9th to turn 90, then 900....GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MISSION / WORK FOR BEING A BLESSING TO SO MANY... SHARING IS REALLY BOTTOMLESS - that is what makes it a cut above the rest. Thanks again."
Julie Feliciano --- Philippines

"I am teaching English to young learners here and I really find your site perfect with the ideas that encourage my kids not only to improve their English but also to ponder over the events. The stories are really touching and effective. Thank you a lot."
Sevil Ercan --- Turkey

"Dear Editor,

I have recently been sent an email from a colleague and dear friend who lives in Singapore. This time he included your website for me to look over. We have swapped stories and affirmations back and forth for the last 6 years or so, but his wonderfully enlightening email takes the cake.

I am totally amazed and delighted to see and read so many positive affirmations, also the stories that have been sent into your site, you are obviously making a tremendous difference to many people's lives from all over the world, many of whom (I image) are just looking for that leg up so they can then set their own sails to travel onwards to realize their own dreams and goals.

I am a manager for an Automobile Association here in Adelaide Australia and each Friday morning for the last few years I have sent via email a positive affirmation to all my workmates. Lord help me if I am a little late for some reason or another. This Friday I intend sending your web site to all 700 of them. I know this will be not only the most wonderful gift many of them would have ever received, but also one of the most effective tools we can all use to lift ourselves to the heights of achievement all of us are capable of achieving."
Many thanks,
John Cooper

"Thanks Marlene......I never bothered to seek motivation, but after visiting your site, my life does seem more meaningful and brighter.....I feel alive again, like I have a purpose. I'm 21 and a father of three and man is it stressful, but oh well, I guess that's life and the path I get to go with. Don't worry, the so-called 'gang life' is long gone and now I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track to success. Thanks again for posting my quote. I'm proud my advice can be somewhere to help others and advise others not to make the same mistake!"
David L. --- Michigan

"I just wanted to say THANX for choosing my quote for a main page. I'm 26 and have my own business in financial services. Your website has really helped me with my leadership skills. You probably get tons of people that send u e-mails. Just wanted to shout out thanks!"

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed this site. The quotes are new and refreshing. This put a great twist to the end of a tough month. I've bookmarked your site and plan to visit frequently! Thanks."
B. R.

"I really think you guys are doing great things with this website. Occasionally I find myself down and out; just about life in general. I go to your website and read some of the stuff on it and I ALWAYS feel better."
Christopher A. --- US Army

"I just wanted to say thank you and express how privileged I am to have submitted poems that have been included within this beautiful and inspiring site. It's a place I come when I need encouragement to find hope and faith in the world and it is truly a privilege to share the thoughts of others and myself with the amazing organizers and visitors to this breathtaking site. I look forward to sharing many more with all you wonderful people in the future."
Stephanie Ineson

"I just wanted to let you know how much your site helped me today. My husband and I have been having a lot of problems and thinking of separating. I was looking for a quote to send him explaining how I needed to follow my heart and move on with my life. Your site was the first one that came up. I clicked on it and instead of a follow your heart quote there was a poem on the first page. The poem is titled "Don't you Dare". He really wanted to try and work it out and that just really gave me the inspiration to try a little harder. We now have the poem on our wall and look at it everyday. We are doing GREAT!"
Amy B.

"Thank you for this site; it's good! The web is an open cathedral in which sites like yours present a valuable message to those searching for a needed word of comfort or inspiration."
Samuel ("Skip") Post

"Firstly I would like to thank you for accepting my quote on the Teachers page. Secondly, I just wanted to let you know that I never pass a day without first visiting your webpage (every morning). I work at a private school in Sydney and have a white board on my door that has a "QUOTE OF THE DAY". Every day I would log and select a different quote to motivate our teachers and staff members. Believe it or not, they actually look forward and come into my office first thing in the morning to read the new quote of the day... God forbid if I miss a day...! Thanks heaps."
Pelin Kanra --- Australia

"The website is so encouraging. In times when one is frailing, the messages strengthen him. I am trying to inform my friends about it and those who have visited it have got lots of support & open to be part of it & support it as well."
John Bosco Njagara --- Uganda

"It's great reading from your site and it has done a lot for my ego. Thank you so much for having picked my quote, I hope it will be an encouragement to others. God bless you. You really do a lot to people's souls."
Caleb Nyaranga --- Nyanza, Kenya

"Thank you dear Marlene... you are sweet and doing a wonderful job... God bless you. Your site is indeed helping lots of people."
Mike B. --- Texas

"Hello, today is my first time on the site. I felt that I needed some motivation today to jump start my day, so I did a google search of motivational quotes and got your site. I know that you guys love feed back, and I must say you have some great quotes here. My day feels better already. Thank you and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!"
John Rago --- New York

"Thank you for continuing to provide positive messages and thought provoking ideas through your Web site."
Mike W. --- Minnesota

"Thank you for using my poem, The Gift of Today, on your beautiful Web site. I will send all my friends to see the site and perhaps some will subscribe. I truly thank you for the gift subscription. I will really enjoy visiting the site and reading all the uplifting thoughts. You are doing a great work in a world that truly needs to be uplifted and motivated in a positive way."
Valerie Bailey

"Keep up the magnificent work!!! Your time is appreciated!!!"
Russ Davis --- Washington

"Great site and great quotes. Thanx for the burst of inspiration."
M.O. --- NSW, Australia

"An amazing site promoting the masterpieces of the renowned authors along with the acknowledgement of the deserving authors worldwide."
Striver Achiever --- Pakistan

"I'm in Kenya all I can say is that you make my day. I start my day with the motivational quotes coz I get something to digest during the day. Keep it up. You are wonderful be BLESSED."
V. Boyani

"I stumbled onto your site looking for motivational quotes, and I got so much more then that. My mother passed just one month ago of cancer and I am making a cancer awareness page, to help people cope, to raise money to cancer patients. Basically just to let them know someone does care. I believe in you under this weeks topic, to me was a sign from HIM as you stated under one of your quotes :) I know I'm on the right track now and I thank you for posting that. Because I am rebounding from a great tragedy and all I want to do is help other people who have shared my loss or are battling with this disease. Even when you put your cheer for the underdog, I noted that exact phrase on my site. I hope this email wasn't out of line, but I don't think it will be with this incredible site you have. Thank you for having it up and God Bless you!"
T. L.

"By the way, I do love your site, I always look up quotes to help me get through tough times... they have a way of letting you know your not alone, everyone, today and all throughout history has experienced the same things. It is pretty cool really."

"I always benefit from your site and other people thoughts. Thank you again for a wonderful work."
Mike Bandak --- Texas

"Accidentally while surfing on the net, I clicked on your website.... WOW it's truly amazing!!!! It has broad and large scopes of inspirational messages that I truly admire. So every time I get on line, I immediately open your website... I want to say congratulations and more power... you have made a BIG difference... you inspire the world."
Jenny - Philippines

"This website is awesome I love it so much that I visit it just about every day when I'm not busy with "other" things ..!!!"
A.C. --- Canada

"Thank you so much for allowing me to share my experience with your website members and visitors. It is such a blessing to be alive and well. My health has continued to improve more than what any doctor could have hoped for and I have to thank the Lord everyday for giving me this opportunity. I hope my story inspires people to always have hope and never give up. Thank you again for the privilege of posting my story in your website."
Glorivel Castillo

"Thanks for choosing my quote to add 2 your webpage. I feel honored. Look forward to reading it and I'd just like to say that I think your site is such a help to the young minds who are troubled. Thanks,"

"I am a frequent visitor to your webpage for the inspirational quotes and I wanted to send something to let you know that they do help. Thanks for your time and efforts with this web service."
K. Floyd

"Thanks a lot for your wonderful gift, although it is not required because whenever our name is published on the site "Motivateus" it means every thing to be a part of this site. Wishing always to be a part of Your team. May God always bless you."
Aysha --- Pakistan

"Thanks for the forum. It's a great place to learn from others :)"

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful place of comfort. I pray when all seems impossible ... each doesn't give up, but continues their journey of into to the arms of the Lord."

"This is a very good site to express our views and ideas about different aspects of life and its experience. I liked this site very much. Keep doing good things. Best of luck."
Jatinder --- India

"Marlene, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your website. It has helped me so much in my never ending quest to find motivational quotes for my ice hockey team. We use them as part of a motivational game that we play before hitting the ice. Keep it up! Thanks!"

"I want to thank the creators of this site and all the people who keep it going. This site has given me hope when I have felt completely lost and desperate with nowhere else to turn. It has helped me believe in myself when I felt hopeless. It has helped me get through impossible experiences and come out of them a much stronger person. So thank you for giving me a place to come to where all my dreams can come true!"
One very very appreciating fan,

"I subscribed to your quotations around November. As I continue to receive chemotherapy for my cancer, ( which IS killing the cancer thank God), I read your pages over and over.They give me hope, and reminds me that God is in charge of my life. Of all the different websites with quotations, I believe you are the most inspirational, and the most encouraging. Thank You again for the time and effort you put toward this. May God Bless you and touch you, as much as you've touched me."
Mary, Connecticut

"You are touching a lot of souls in Africa, God bless you."
Edwin Mensah --- Ghana

"This website is one of the most fascinating and inspiring sites I have ever been through."
Helen B.

"I'm always visiting your site, and I can't get enough of it. It's helped me through a lot of hard times, and especially thru this year ( yr12 ) and all. Thank you for all your insightful words and everyone who contributed to the site. I know it helped me, and I think it's awesome that it's available for so many people out there too!!! Keep up the good work."
Heather, Age 18 --- Australia

"I love this site. I has given me courage through a lot."
Ashley K., Age 13 --- California

"I just wanted to thank you for putting so much effort into such an amazing site. When I stumbled onto it back in early 2004, I never dreamed I would rely on it so much for inspiration! It is truly uplifting and I really appreciate that you have created a place where teens can submit their own quotations to help inspire others. It has also been great to see some of my own submissions on your site :)! I only hope that they will perhaps help other readers the way so many of the quotes have helped me. It is now habit to automatically go to Motivating Moments site every day or night. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
T. Hall

"I've been using your quotes to help boost moral at my work in our department. At first I think the guys (about 34 men and one woman..me) thought it was silly and then I noticed they started looking for the quotes. I really enjoy your site and visit almost every day. It's a wonderful positive spot on the internet. Thank you."
Juli L.

"I just want to thank you for publishing my little contribution and to congratulate you on the wonderful work you are doing with your outstanding and inspirational web site. I especially appreciate our personal contacts and (with your permission) I will consider you a delightful addition to my life."
Jim in Texas

"Revisited your site, several times. Each revisit is a renewal of hope, of memories, of shared wisdom. Thanks again for the site, and for the goodness it brings to thousands of people who get spiritual nourishment from motivateus! God bless and more power to you."
Julie F. --- Philippines

"What a wonderful sight for my mind, heart and senses on this site. Truly motivating! It has motivated me in so many ways........ to think, to live fully, to write, to read, to listen, to understand, to learn, to feel and to love. Best of all now I can motivate others too. You truly deserve the best for a wonderful creation and spreading such positive feelings and attitudes."
Sharon --- India

"Allow me to complement your team for this truly inspiring site that you maintain. It helps me to lift my mood whenever I feel down and under."
Suresh S. --- India

"I love this website and will be referring more people to it."
Kenji ---- Maryland

"I've checked Motivating Moments every Monday and Wednesday for almost 3 years now, it has really changed my life. Thanks and God Bless."
Chris H., Age 17 --- Texas

"I do enjoy your site much, and it was part of many I used to meditate myself out of a poor way of thinking. So thank you and know that you are doing a great thing."

"I just wanted to let you know that I visit your site just about every day... I am a very motivational person who likes to send thoughts for the day to others to help them get through bad or even good times.... I want to Thank You for helping me and my friends out!!! You touch many hearts w/ your website!!!"

"I love this website a lot. It is very inspirational."
Kolin --- Louisiana

"Your motivating quotes are superb. Thanks and keep it up."
Magati --- Kenya

"I'm writing about your website for an assignment. My assignment is about entrepreneurs, and I consider you to be an important one. Your website has touched many lives, mine included. If you could please write back with any information, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for your time, and just so you know, people like you keep this world turning!"
Jenn, Age 16 --- Newfoundland, Canada

"When I need support, I find myself going directly over to your website. Thanks for creating a place to go when life sometimes seems impossible."

"I just found this site today and fell in love with it. Keep up the inspiration for all who need it."
R.R. --- Pennsylvania

"I came across your site looking for another positive site and got lost in yours. I thank my Highest Being (GOD)or I like to call him I AM for putting on your heart to start this site for people like me. I now know my loving others regardless if I get it back is ok."
Wishing to remain Anonymous

"This is a really cool website. Keep it up!!!"
Liz, Age 17 --- Utah

"Thank you so much for responding - I did not expect it! Thank you even more for the website that I can view. Along with the loss of my husband, I lost my job of 30 years, along with many other good folks that had been with the company a long time. The reason I mention that is that so many of us viewed your website and received so many blessings from it. We would talk many times about something we had read and would forward it around for others to see. I know some of them probably have joined, and to be honest, I feel it important to help you because of the sacrifices you have made over the years to keep this going for people like me. I accept your offer of the website you sent me and will go into Motivating Moments and join. It is not a make or break deal for me, but I am counting every penny. May God bless you tremendously and I will definitely pass the work on your website to my family, and in particular, the section on getting through grief."

"I love your site!!! I am SO happy someone is so dedicated to making others happy!!!"
Kimmy, Age 14 --- Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to thank you for putting my saying in your main page and also for giving me free access to your archives. I've just read some of the stories and I think they were absolutely wonderful! I was really touched by many of them and I can tell you that they opened my eyes."
Honeida R.

"I am in the USAF and have been on active duty for almost 19 years. I have visited your site countless times. I have often used your quotes to keep my troops motivated. You have a great site .. thank you!"
MSgt. Amy
      Stationed overseas

"Thank you so much for adding my article to the site. It really is encouraging and an incentive for me to work harder and improve myself. I can't tell you how much I appreciate having a site like yours; so much to learn from. Keep the good work up and may God bless you."
Dinah --- Ghana

"Thank you so much for selecting my writing to go into your site. This site is wonderful in many ways, it has not only help me through my grief but it has enlighten my heart towards a journey of healing with God's grace."
Ivona --- Australia

"I really enjoy your website. I work at a school, and the quotes for teens are just great! Thanks again!"
Chris --- Hawaii

"Your words will remain with me always. Sometime when I get the opportunity, I'd like to thank you in a bigger way than just by saying thanks. I do understand that words can mean the world
      but somehow, I believe another way exists to thank you for what you've done. It's tremendous and appreciated. Take care. I wish you the best of luck with future endeavors; I will stay in touch as often as possible. And I will never, ever forget Motivating Moments."

"Today, I read the e-mail from the Chaplain in Camp Pendleton. After reading his letter, I thought that you might like to know what I use your site for.

My daughter is at Marine Corps boot camp in Parris Island, SC. She went there on February 19, 2003. I started writing to her every day, starting with the day she left. I send her a Thought for the Day in every letter. After a few weeks, I finally got a letter from her thanking me for these daily motivational thoughts. She shares them with the other young women in her platoon. They have all come to look forward to them.

I want to thank you for your wonderful site. I have used it for almost every letter to her. So, you see, your site is helping the women of the US Marine Corps on both coasts."
Thank you, and God bless!
Elvie Miniard

"I'd just like to say Thank You for developing this site. And also, another Thank You to all the people who have submitted quotes. The quotes I've read have helped me in my toughest times and these quotes have made me see that I can be and do whatever I want and I won't let narrow-minded people stop me. Keep up the fantastic work. :-)"
Kunjal, Age 20 --- United Kingdom

"I'm facing a lot of challenges currently. I find inspirational quotes and success stories from others helps me a great deal to overcome my hurdles in life. This is a marvelous site, you are truly helping plenty of people. Congratulations, "
Courtney, Age 21 --- South Africa

"Your site is great, inspiring, motivating and wonderful!!! You're doing a great service to mankind!"
Conrad Favorito --- Philipines

"This website has blessed me and so many of the people around me that I have told everyone about it. Continue to be encouraged and know that you are truly making a difference."
Oneka Jefferson --- Georgia

"I am the Chaplain for the Mobilization Support Battalion. Our mission is to mobilize reserve Marines and Sailors for combat duty. All of our permanent personnel here who administratively process and train these Reserves are also part of the Reserve Components. We were brought together for just this purpose. Our personnel come from all over the country and have diverse civilian careers and lives.

One of my Marines here at the Battalion constantly asked me for a "word for the day". And several weeks ago I began a morning mass e-mail to the entire Battalion of "Thought for Today." As I was searching the Internet the Google search pointed me to your site. I alternate between motivational and inspirational thoughts. I must tell you that they are deeply appreciated by my people here on base.

Just today I received an e-mail from a woman who was sent my "Chaplain Notes" from one of my Marines. She had just gotten through a nasty divorce and was taking care of another Single Marine's child while he was deployed overseas. The inspirational quote of the day that I pulled out from your site archives put things into perspective for her. I get these types of responses almost daily.

I just wanted to thank you for such a great resource. Please know that through your site you are giving comfort to the men and women of our Navy and Marine Corps."
Semper Fi,
Chaplain , Mobilization Support Battalion, Camp Pendleton, California

"To Marlene and all her elves,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for a positively fabulous inspirational website. I've been coming here for about 5 years, and what I find is as the world gets crazier and scarier I enjoy coming here more and more.

One of my favorite aspects of the site is that it serves at least a dual purpose. On one hand you get to read loving, caring, inspirational thoughts from around the world. On the other hand, this site gives loving, caring people an outlet to express themselves. Expressing oneself is a top-notch way to relieve stress. I can't imagine a finer place to express oneself than on this site.

So to Marlene and her staff ..... to all the people who have participated on this incredible site ..... THANK YOU ....... thank you for creating what I believe to be the BEST site on the internet."
David I. Gussin

"I am an 8th grade math teacher in Santa Monica, CA. Every day I put up a "quote of the day." I have a book of quotes, but some are not appropriate for the kids. Yesterday, I ran across your website in doing a search on the internet. I LOVE IT!! Your quotes are so relevant, short and to the point, easy for the kids to understand, even the ones that have a deeper meaning. Thanks for sharing your website with us."

"In search of some inspiring thoughts to share at a GED graduation ceremony for prison inmates, I happened to come across your site in my search. What an answer to prayer! I love this site! I will pass some of the inspiration on to my prison students....and encourage my teenager to check it out too! Thanks for doing such an incredible job. Keep up the great- up to date- work!"

"You know, there are many web pages with quotable quotes, but yours is the most generous, the broadest in scope, and ALLOWS your audience to interact and share. That is what makes YOU TRULY UNIQUE. May God bless you and those who conceptualized your program."
Julie D. Feliciano --- Philipines

"You may not remember who I am, but I wanted to contact you and say hello. It has been a long while since I have e-mailed you, but I have been keeping up with your site. It always has helped me when things have not been going the best."
Jeff Pappas --- Texas

"I just wanted to send an e-mail to say thanks for the note of support for the military personnel and the world situation. It is always nice to hear from people who appreciate what we are doing for them."
Major Frederick Cade --- England

"Thank you so much for these pages. They have really helped in my days of worrisome or just being down..........thank u so much. I I have shared this page with others and they have said the same..........keep it up."

"Hi .. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your site... I think that it is full of very motivating and inspirational quotes.. It helps me A LOT!!!!! I try and look at it everyday and look at new quotes!! I just thought that I would tell you that you have a very awesome site and I love it!! Thank you very much!!!!!!"

"I want to thank you for your site. It's not often that we soldiers see things like this. Most times we see bullets and bombs.Thank you and yours, A soldier"
SSG Raymond A. Carson --- U.S Army National Guard

"I feel really inspired every time I go on to your website to view all the inspirational quotes. I really gives me a sense of comfort & relief after a stressful day of school. I really wish that more people would visit this website to find their motivation in life.=)"
Serene G., Age 16 --- Singapore

"After reading all those quotes, I told my friends that if you need words of wisdom, click motivateus.com . Marlene, thanks !!"
Choo Yee, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

"I absolutely love this site (motivatingmoments.com), and I have added it as a link on my website. May God continue to bless you guys. In Him,"
Adam Donyes --- Idaho

"Hi Marlene,
I would like to tell you that motivateus.com is an extremely wonderful site. I never miss a day without visiting it. Keep you work up."
From one of your site readers,

"I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your site very much. Congratulations!"

"I really like your Teens page. I always look forward to reading the new quotes Monday and Wednesday. It really makes my day. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to smile. Thanks again!"
Chris H., Age 15 --- Texas

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