Is There A Crisis In Your Life?

Change Is Part Of The Process For Success

"Crisis is when change is yelling to happen."
- Robert Kiyosaki

Regardless of what happens around you, it is a fact that if you do nothing for you, absolutely nothing will change or improve in your life. The crisis, whatever it may be, is when change is crying out to happen. Every time something unpleasant happens to us, something that takes us out from our comfort zone, whatever it is, it is because we need a change. Change is inevitable; it is part of everybody's life. The reason why we experience physical or mental pain is because we need to do something about it.

Excluding people who get a position due to corruption, people who occupy the best positions are the ones who make the decision and sincere commitment to prepare themselves, to improve and change, first within himself or herself - their way of thinking, and then in his/her environment his/her actions.

Don't wait for things to happen, make them happen. Don't tell yourself, I can't do it, I'm poor, I have bad luck and all kinds of excuses, because in the end this is what you attract to your life. This way of thinking is but a reflection of insecurity within yourself and therefore how you see yourself. Of course, you can!

Regardless of sex, color, or social status, everybody can do it; it is just a matter of taking responsibility for our actions and taking control of everything that happens in our life. It's a matter of blindly believing in yourself and having a blind conviction that you will accomplish absolutely everything you set out to achieve in life. With the right attitude, we make the right things happen and definitely this it the way we reach to the top.

The less time we spend on leisure and the more time we spend on the things we need to do to improve, in doing what is correct to achieve your goals, the closer we are to achieving everything we decide. What makes the difference is not what happens to us but the attitude we take toward what happens to us.

Things do not fall from heaven; we must act! Believe me, the higher we get, the better we can see. Try it, you deserve it.

Copyright 2011 Eduardo Dominguez

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