Motivation Comes In Many Forms

My Push

I entered Engineering after enjoying top marks, as high school came relatively easy (once I decided to actually pay attention and do the homework).

Then University life came!

I thought that I must have some learning disorder, as it "seemed" that everyone else was absorbing the materials and it was an insurmountable struggle for me. There were never enough hours in the day and weekend to attend the lectures, study the lessons and then do the assignments.

During my darkest hour I called home to speak to my father saying: "Dad, I don't think I can handle this". My father then said something, which cut through me like a knife: "There is no returning home. If you quit, then you are on your own."

I hung up thinking what an awful heartless thing to say. Then, I resolved to somehow gut it out; anyway that I could. There seemed to be no other options available!

Soon thereafter, I noticed a sign posted in a campus common area stating: "Study Skills" with a place & time to meet. It reassured that "there was help available".

I attended that meeting! I soon discovered there were several others in a similar situation and that everyone wanted to help each other get through this challenging 1st semester. I soon found a study partner, who helped me immeasurably, and I am grateful to this day for his kind help.

Yes, it was still a very challenging 1st year, but I found the needed strength and support to get through it.

My father has since passed; and I know in my heart that he did the very best he could to help me "fly".

Thanks Dad ... for the Push!

Copyright 2011 Edward G. Drennan
I am mentoring again and wrote this message. Livia mentioned that it may help some better understand / forgive the "tough love" they might have received.

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