Those Who Struggle Are Not Handicapped

Precious Child
Fragrance of a rose
And the spikes of the thorn
Both are blessed by God
But rejected with scorn
By God's own creatures
Who failed to understand
How the rose and thorn
Complete the divine design grand.

Is it a shame to be paralyzed?
Crippled or blind?
Aren't we all?
The way it is destined
Then why ignore, despise
Tease and mar
Those, whose life is a
Struggle, a war?
They are also God's
Beautiful flowers,
They are not blemishes
Nor dirty scars.

  • The naked truth which is preached by the priest, known to learned and accepted by a literate, the fact that a child is a gift of God. How do we treat that gift?

  • The double-sided adults, messiahs of life as they are greeted, know the fact but they fret and fume as their image of a perfect race gets offended. How do they treat that gift after they know that the perfect image of the fittest is being offended?

  • Parents, the ones who give life, the ones who groom the piece of flesh into a grown civilized persona, then why does a minor deformity make them lose faith? Why does the child of God get treated with bias? Why does society give him a look of disgust?

  • Most importantly why do the parents, donors, and sculptures of the life of the neonate leave him in a lurch?

These questions remain unanswered with us, with you and with those millions of children who are termed physically challenged or handicapped. After the world has seen the miracles done by Helen Keller and Beethoven (just to name a few) society is still not ready to accept the fact that the child is special and not handicapped.

Handicapped is the society that fails to see the worth in them, and ironically they call themselves advanced. But I wonder how many such examples are required to bring the dawn of realization over our society's opinions?

A paralyzed child in a wheelchair, who can work with his two hands, sees the ruthless world with his two eyes. He can make his life purposeful if given a chance.

We accept or we do not, the fact is that the sun equally warms them, the rains equally delights them and the air equally heals them. Nature treats them as normal as it treats us.

It's high time we accept them, value them the way they are and not the way we can make them into.

Physically challenged is the termed used for them; ironically the challenge is for society, which has to see the efforts of these children who strive each day to survive. The work we normally do, they take hours to do - but they do it.

The day we see the abilities and forget about the deformities, these children will live with their strengths and not weaknesses.

The day we believe in them they will struggle harder to make the best.

Those who make history are the ones who struggle and those who struggle are not handicapped.

Copyright 2011 Mansi Arora

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