You Control Your Destiny

Your Power Is In Your Hands

If you are on a zero (0) level, it does not mean you are out; it only means one thing: that you have a choice to make. You can choose to stay and do nothing, you can choose to stay and keep turning around in that same spot or you can choose to rise up and draw a new path, a new course.

Staying down doing nothing means soon the little ants too, will overpower you.

Turning in one spot, looking for somebody to pull you up, soon you will realize that you are digging your own grave; it's just 6 feet under. If you chose to stand again, you might need to crawl first to get momentum and then walk towards your new goal.

0 is more powerful than -6. When you fall, you are only on 0 level. It's up to you to decide which way to go. You can do 01 or -0. How much do you think you are worth when you are down? Nothing? Think again.

What is the worth of an idea? All in this world was once an idea. The first idea you will need is how to get up. Why did you fall and how did you fall? Solve that and you are on your way to the top.

All we buy in this world are someone else's solutions. If you know how, then you have the solution. When you have the solution then you are on your way to the top.

Copyright 2011 Frank Chidi
Somebody out there needs to know it's not over until you say so.

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