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Does Your Employer Really Know You?

Walking into the factory, the Managing Director noticed a guy leaning on the wall, doing nothing. He calmly asked the young man, "How much do you earn?"

"I earn KShs.15,000= a month, Sir. Why?"

Without answering, the MD reached out for his wallet, removed some money and gave him KShs.45,000= cash saying loudly, "Around here I pay people for working not for idling!!! Here is 3 months' salary. Now get out and don't come back!"

The young man put the money in his pocket and disappeared very fast and did not look back at all.

Noticing onlookers, the MD said to them, "That applies to everybody in this company." Then he approached one of the onlookers, pulled him aside and asked him quietly so the others would not hear, "Who's the guy I just fired?"

The onlooker replied, "He was the pizza delivery man, Sir."

Author Unknown --- Submitted By George Wachirah --- Kenya