The Angels Are Always With You

Nowhere to Run - Angels Message of Hope

Dear Ego...

For so long I have left you so much to handle
And overwhelmed, like a scared child in the dark
Just trying your best to cope and survive...
Always serving me in any way your abilities allowed
And what gratitude have I ever shown
But only to distance myself and reject you

Through all of this you have never abandoned me
Although often left to face such great challenges
Matters I myself unwilling to see...
Now with great humility I stare into the mirror
At the only one that was ever meant to navigate my life
So here I am at last!

Now on our journey together
You will always be welcomed at my side
And remain my truest friend
As it was only through your gift of suffering
That I have begun to awaken

Take heart that I am here now
For those shadows that have kept us both in fear
Are now illuminated with a power so great
We both may smile and finally find rest in its loving embrace

Discovering our true natures so often involves a process...
Where we must face the many illusions of ego-based living
That hollow never satisfied feeling of not enough or never quite right
Then at last realizing they were mere veils of the mind
And could never provide what we really hungered for

It is only when turning inward that Truth is revealed
Like an old and trusted friend wanting to show us the way
Just starting upon our inner journey feels so good
Yet it is but a taste of something much greater
Always beckoning us further and further along
Waking, then again falling asleep to our true Selves
The back and forth... not quite believing our Truth

Why the trepidation and delayed action?
Why does our journey take such a winding path?
An oft-painful road filled with disappointments and heartache
A sense of missed love and belonging
Why does it seem to take so long to find ourselves?
Is it really necessary to suffer for so long to remember who we truly are?
Surely there must be an easier, gentler way

Yet, the drama of self-interests seems so irresistible
Never at hand, always just out of reach
Ever evolving and awakening a greater knowing emerges
Like peaceful Angels guiding us along
Lovingly whispering for us to follow
Dear and trusted brothers and sisters, softly saying...

Come beloved ones, hesitate no longer
Awaken from your dreams and be with us again
For your presence has been sorely missed and your place remains
Know that your journey has brought all that was needed
Each moment of suffering, although an illusion of dream
Was also felt by us all as we held you gently in our arms
Rest now knowing that you are never alone
As we have always dwelt within your heart
Rejoin your family, dear ones, we await your presence

Copyright 2011 Edward and Livia Drennan

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