A New Lesson For The New Year 2011

Confession Of A Fellow Traveller:

Many a time I tried,
Futile, the efforts were.
'It is possible' - I believed,
Only to find it was not.
In vain went my affirmations,
A thousand times.
Towards 'that' motive,
Without any gain,
Moving was I,
Wondering "why"?
Shocked was I,
At the irony,
Or what seemed so.
Still kept I, saying,
It is possible... it is possible.
Hard was the road,
Yet kept I - trying,
Determined and set,
Going after it,
Dodging the failures en route,
Having taught never to give up,
Pressing on, I moved,
Like a warrior thumping forward,
Reminding myself of 'that' motive,
In eager anticipation,
At times resting,
Only to resume the course,
To get to 'that' goal,
Enduring severe blows,
Failures failing to stop me,
Cruising forward was I,
Still without victory!

One blessed evening,
Sat I down in solitude,
With my thoughts as my company,
Reflecting on 'that' which I wanted,
Asking myself where lay the mistake.
Then upon me it dawned!
The dawn like daybreak:
To pursue 'that' goal,
Always shall remain futile,
By continuing towards 'that' goal,
Wreck, will I make of myself.
Sitting still was I,
Gripped by the burning truth!

'That' goal... 'that' motive...
'To Change the other person',
Is not worth the time!
For goodness sake,
To change myself - I decided,
To work on me - I chose,
Then did I start tasting success,
A personal victory, it was,
A lesson did I learn;
To edify the self, is worthier and noble,
To build and refine our self is to succeed!

Copyright 2010 Sam Vijay Kumar
Many times good values like, determination, patience, diligence, resilience etc get channelled towards wrong goals. How many people try to change others according to their desires? How many of us remind ourselves that, to edify one-self is rather better?

About the Author: I am a biotechnologist from India, working in the field of bio-medical research, with interest in theology, positive thinking, philosophy, creative writing and in living a purposeful life, thereby contributing to fellow humans. My personal desire and struggle is to be keen to (and) learn anything that will uplift human life and place us in a better position at handling the challenges that life throws at us. To discuss and write about issues of life, thoughts and mind are some of my passions.

I have received a lot from this world through many thinkers and their writings. and hence I want to contribute something to this world by presenting my thoughts to the world as well in these areas. 'Positive people' are the ones that I am most comfortable interacting with. I am sure you who are reading this are a positive person and am glad to have connected with you.

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