What Is Your Vision About?

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

I really want to share with you a thought-provoking question I sometimes ask at my Vision Board Workshops, to encourage people to focus their minds in the right direction before starting their Vision Board. I ask this question at many different types of seminars and retreats. It grounds people, humbles them and allows them to concentrate of who and how they really want to be.

I remember listening to a personal development CD years ago from a motivational speaker and he said something to the effect of - "by writing out your memorial service or what you'd want someone to say at your service, you can change your life from who you are to who you want to become."

As crazy or morbid as that may sound, it makes a big difference in your future. I recently was introduced to it again in the book "Creating your Best Life" by Caroline Adams Miller, Mapp & Dr. Michael B. Frisch. They call it "Portrait of your Life". They ask you to take "a few minutes to write a paragraph or two about how you would like to be remembered".

This is such a powerful exercise because you may not be living as that person; the person you want to be remembered as. I would want my memorial to read:

Marion was such a wonderful, giving person. She did her best to be in service at all times. She was selfless and treated everyone with the respect they deserve no matter who they were. She was funny and giggled a lot.

Marion was a wonderful, daughter, sister and friend. She was a great wife and a very patient mom to her pets. She married her soul mate and they had the best days of their lives together; the kind of marriage her aunt and uncle had, a true love; an unconditional love.

Marion loved others unconditionally. She always looked for the good in everything and everyone. She motivated and inspired everyone she came in contact with. She'll truly be missed.

That's how I want it to read. Is that how it would read if I passed today? NO. I think right now it would read:

Marion was a good friend and a loyal wife. She was there for her dad until the end. She treated everyone with the respect they deserved no matter who they were. She was very giggly and laughed a lot. She was a good listener and she talked a lot too.

Marion was a go-getter and whenever she focused on something - look out world. She was great at manifesting what she wanted. She always looked for the positive even in the most negative situations. Marion was a wonderful mommy to her pets. She will be missed for her motivation and inspiration.

Even though it sounds good the now it's nowhere near the future me, I want to be. I am still learning to be selfless, not that I'm selfish but it's a constant learning for me. I do believe I'm a good friend in the way I listen and give advice and do my best to motivate and inspire anyone and everyone sometimes to a fault. I make it my life's mission, even when I'm not working.

I still have a lot to improve upon and evolve in life.

I feel I am a good wife but I can be better of course. I believe it takes two and marriage is constant compromise and understanding. We can always grow and improve and be a better person.

By reading my memorial, it makes me aware of exactly who and what I want to be; with that knowledge I can turn it into affirmations to live by.

Some people prefer affirmations with - I will, I prefer - I am. I speak in the now even if it's something I want for the future because it makes it real, as if I'm already there. I wrote them both ways for you to pick from. It's important to do whatever resonates with you and works best.

  • I will be in service whenever I can and there is a need to be.

  • I am in service whenever I can be.

  • I will be a selfless person and think about others.

  • I am a selfless person and think about how others feel.

  • I will be a good sister, friend and wife.

  • I am a good sister, friend and wife.

  • I will continue to be a good mommy to my pets and be more patient when need be.

  • I am a good mommy to my pets and I am very patient.

  • I will be a better wife; constantly taking my husband's feelings into consideration and putting myself in his shoes. I will work harder at compromise.

  • I am a good wife. I constantly work on taking my husband's feelings into consideration and I put myself in his shoes in order to have an idea of where he's coming from.
Can you see how it helped me to become aware of whom I wanted to be and what is really important to me? It's an eye opening experience. I'm glad I'm writing it for you to read because it made me cognizant to the fact I forgot when I did it last time. Now I will keep my affirmations in a place where I can see them every day.

I challenge you to give it a shot; what have you got to lose? Maybe you'll lose a bad habit or a behavior or a pattern. Those are great things to lose. Maybe you'll lose weight. We never know what will come of us, so be open and when you are ready, give it shot.

I would love to hear about the difference in your before and after if you are willing to share. You'll see - It's amazing.

Copyright 2011 Marion Licchiello-Lenz

Marion Licchiello Lenz - author

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