Why Spend Your Days In Fear?

Why do you spend your time in sadness?
Know that you are the source of all happiness
Why do you spend your days in fear?
Know that your mere sight can make obstacles disappear

Why do you cry and pray for help?
Know that you are the best man for your own help
Why do you feel so weak and helpless?
Know that you are in all respects matchless

Why do you feel so depressed?
Know that you are the blessed
Why do you feel so stressed?
Know that you can have anything at your behest

Why do you feel so dispirited and broken?
Know that there are powers within you ready to awaken
Why do you scrape and beg all along?
Know that you are destined for riches lifelong

Why are you so afraid of death?
Know that there is life in your every breath
Why are you afraid to face the challenges of life?
Know that you have strength to face all the strife

Why donít you act on opportunities?
Know that you can crush all adversities
Why donít you live life to the full?
Know that there is no point in being dull

Why do you doubt your talent and skill?
Know that you can achieve anything with your incredible will
Why do you spend life feeling so miserable?
Know that no matter what you are soul indestructible

Copyright © 2011 Ashwani Kumar