Have You Ever Thought?

Have you ever thought what is this job of mine?
Do things always appear as defined?
So why do we waste time to twine?
Let us spend time to make others shine!!!

You just know the date of your arrival,
But don't know till what date will be your survival.
Always get yourself ready for revival
Then in this world, no one would be your rival.

Why do you care what people think of you?
Always try and be like honey bee;
Let us make others tension free
And make happiness spread like a tree.

While coming you came here with nothing.
While going you will take from here nothing.
But while living always do something
So that your deeds are memorized after leaving.

No matter whatever may be the situation,
Do not have any option for depression.
Try to be source of someone's inspiration
That leaves a long lasting impression!!!

Copyright 2011 Varsha G. Dembla
This is just an attempt to think about what you really came here to do on this earth and what really remains in this world after you are gone: It is your good deeds and memories that you give to others while living.

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