Angels Are Everywhere

Angel On Earth

A tribute to the unselfish, beautiful lady: Margie Jo
(My sister's daughter and my niece)

Did you ever know of an Angel on earth
Did you ever know the bliss
Did you ever think of how much they are worth
Did you ever have their kiss

From someone you've known for all of their life
From someone you love so dear
From someone who stabs your heart like a knife
From someone you crave to be near

This someone just lives to always do good
This someone just lives one life
This someone has helped the ones that she could
This someone avoids all strife

I'll tell you her name and how you should meet
I'll tell you the things that she does
I'll tell of the love that she gives you so sweet
I'll tell of her life and her woes

Her life is for others and not for her own
Her life is a one of good deeds
Her life is unselfish, she does not bemoan
Her life is to see for your needs

This Angel is known just as Margie Jo
This Angel is there when we need
This Angel is there and we know where she'll go
This Angel will do a good deed

We love her so much and her love we'd not sell
We love the joy she imparts
We love the life that she lives so well
We love with both of our hearts

Copyright 2011 James C. Johnston & Marjorie Baker

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