The Poetry Of Tony Haynes

Calm Is Password Protected

There are moments in life
When calmness comes
Over you
You just go with it
You know with it
Peace of mind
Is coming over too

The calm side
Is where you cease to grind
Here you find a groove
Released to find

And under stress it is best
To be calm
Choose to refuse to lose it
Address duress
With the sound of soothing music

Be calm, cool & collected
Let nothing get under your skin
Calm is password protected
Chaos is not getting in

It's a vast word injected
Respect it in rare form
The last word resurrected
Be calm before a storm

And even in a storm
Be calm
Ride the swirling misty waves

Uneven is the norm
Be calm
When the world misbehaves

Calm down - don't explode
Breathe - take it all in
Come now - enter your code
Breathe - and then...

Feel the magnetism
Of your calming mechanism
This mastered means you are smart
For you will have stored
Your calming password
Inside your mind, your soul
& in your heart

Copyright 2010 Tony Haynes
Tony Haynes is a Lyricist, Songwriter, Poet, Author, Performer & Television Show Host. As the world's Foremost practitioner of Acrostic Poetry, in less than a minute, Tony Haynes can literally pull a poem out of thin air. Give him the title of what you'd like to call your poem, and he will create it for you on the spot. Be sure to visit his website:

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