Love Is Amazing

February 18, 2011


What Is IT?

IT's the touches that know where I want them before I do.

IT's in the smiles from him that are such a sudden surprise.

IT's the wit that so simply matches mine.

IT's in the voice that brings me such peace when I hear it.

IT's the strength that could so easily crush me but only lifts me.

IT's the loving words that come unexpectedly from him and shake me.

IT's in his eyes that don't waiver and hold me so still and steady.

IT's the heart that's so guarded yet tender, opening it doesn't come easy.

IT's the hands so big and so rough... but not on me.

IT's the man that's so completely a man in the most perfect way.


--- Copyright © 2011 Jamie Worthington
I wrote for my Guy's birthday. Just something that seemed to cover how he makes me feel. It's not all sunshine and roses but boy, he makes me feel good most of the time!

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