To A Wonderful God

Small Thanks To The One Who Gave Me Life

So many questions how do I tackle?
You are the one to make miracles happen.
Don't know where my destiny would take,
I know you are the best choice to make!!!

You are the one who gives me courage.
You always guide me and help with my voyage,
Giving me a hand and always being there.
I am glad I have you around me everywhere!!!

Give me strength to always believe in you,
To know the meaning of life and its value.
Give me real eyes to visualize
And spread happiness like butterflies!!!

Thanks for giving me this human life.
I will make use of this very right.
May every one leave me, I don't care.
I want your side to be always there!!!

Don't have words to say!!!
Just have a true heart to pray.
Let me be yours forever
Then I won't crave for anything else ever!!!

Copyright 2011 Varsha G. Dembla
I am really inspired by this site and wanted to give something in return. Hope this would be the source of motivation for others.

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