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Insights To Help YouThink and Challenge Yourself

"An inspirational quote to me is like a barrel of water that quenches my thirst."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

I hope you find these quotes thought-provoking, self-challenging and insightful. Thank you. "I've never seen a u-haul behind a hearse. The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "We are slapped when we come into this world and they shovel dirt on us in the end. This is our life. Everyone's life. These are the bookends of life. But what really matters is what goes on in the middle. That we are passionate people. That we are caring people. That we LIVE!"
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "For the most part people are trying their best to tune out. Drug and alcohol use are the norm. They are doing everything possible to change their realities. The question is: What is wrong with their reality? Isn't it time people start really tuning in?"
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "The people I've been privileged to watch succeed have an intensity about them. They demand everything from themselves. They show up everyday, in fact every moment, and they are accountable to themselves. Everything they do has a hard statement, and they know when to stop. Very impressive."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Real beauty is found in oneself. That's the tranquil beach. The beautiful sunset. It's not a location, the location is you. To travel is to travel inward. That's the ultimate vacation."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Turn your weaknesses into your strengths. Success is failure turned inside out."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "We need to find a deeper meaning in life. Our duty, as artists, is to tap into those notes that resonate in us all. Not to sleep walk through life, like an outpatient program; but to strike a chord."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Discipline and action are the antidotes to whatever you desire, this includes weight loss."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "We can't catch kindness in a net or a gun. When kindness is given to you, it's by choice. One must adopt an attitude of gratitude."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "We have to stop telling people what we are going to do, what we have not yet accomplished, and tell them instead what we have accomplished. Only in this way can we be accountable for our actions. I am not accountable for achievements I have not yet reached, but I am for what I have accomplished."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "It's when we stop forcing it ... trying to impress that we really shine through; we start having strong people like us, just fall into our laps - and those that are weak are empowered by the tone of our voice."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "We can become prisoners of self. One must dig tunnels; escape one's own mind. We get just this one life. We have to stop doing time. But live lives like we planned in our youth. No matter where we are, how old, we can always reach our dreams."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "All your life youre going to be judged, what matters is keeping your soul intact and making work that matters."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Get off your knees and do. Words without action is death."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "One has to stop sitting in the back, waiting. Come to the front. The front row of life."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "I don't know if Christ suffered on the cross as much as I did watching, listening to this performance."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Nowadays anyone can record. Doesn't mean you should."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "When someone comes to me and says, 'I want to be a rock star' I want to jump off my balcony. What they are really saying is, 'I want to be liked by the masses, I'm really insecure.' About all I can really do for this person is to get them some self-help books. Point them in the right direction. But, if they come to me and say, 'The music is in me, I can't seem to get away from it. I have to surrender to it', then that is the person I want to work with."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Some say that time heals everything but that is incorrect. I'm glad for this. I'm glad in the case of my father. I'm grateful for the whirl-wind of feelings and emotions I get when I think of him."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "You have to have something to live for. Try to surround yourself with people that have as deep or deeper understanding of life. In doing this they will inspire you to grow."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Sometimes there is this inner tension of my own mind. That hard to please place in there. From that process comes an outbreak of beauty. You have to force it at times and it may seem ugly but then the beauty will prevail."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "The limit is the limit that we place upon ourselves. All around us is endless resources. Like an umbrella, the mind works best when open."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "We see Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, or Kurt Cobain on t-shirts. Why? If we think about it, they all killed themselves. None of them were happy in their own skins. As a society why are we embracing them? Shouldn't we all be wearing Mother Teresa t-shirts?"
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Communication companies are the new drug dealers of our youth. What has happened is through competition, these companies were forced to drive down their long distance costs, creating lost revenue. Text messaging came to replace this downfall. Preying on our youth. Communicative skills and self-esteem will be greatly effected as a result of this."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "You believe in areas of life and then you find yourself having careers in them."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Life is hard work. There are no shortcuts." - Miles Patrick Yohnke "Results are joyful. When one creates his or her best there is the most wonderful feeling that comes from it. You've created a result that no one can take away from you. It has been said:It is better to execute than to be executed."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "You look at the buildings, architecture of the old Country, then you look at the landscape of the United States and Canada. Eighty percent of the buildings have been built over the last fifty years - spirituality degrading they are. Destroy and rebuild; this is how we live. For what? Greed. Greed of developers. These developers should be nailed to their own building supplies."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "Bars and nightclubs for the most part are cemeteries for the living."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "It's quite simple: From the start, each of us are searching for that person that gets us and understands us. That loves us madly and unconditionally. And when we find that person we feel richer than if we had won any lotto. It's the ultimate win!"
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "We arrive not totally wired nor totally assembled like an electric jigsaw puzzle. And thru life we are just trying to figure out how all our pieces go together."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke "The endless clouds in our soul can be lifted by friends of all walks of life. And from it our forecast is for sun. For these are our quiet angels."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke

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