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Bared Soul

June 4, 2013

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BARED SOUL: An Installation Of Quotes And Visuals
By Miles Patrick Yohnke and Nikolitsa Boutieros
Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved.

photograph - Reflecting Woman copyright held by photographer Nikolitsa Boutieros

"Most of us feel rejected in some way and long for universal acceptance. This causes us to wear many faces by feeling like we are never quite good enough. The only way any of us can get to a place of peace and tranquil joy is by understanding our mind and conquering our emotions. We all long to connect. That's one reason why we spend so much time using social medias. Just projecting from our surface. The most painful process is self analysis. This transformation can only begin when one looks not on their surface but within their own internal face."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Bullying isn't just a kids problem. It's found everywhere at every age. It is found in the workplace with your position being in question from higher authority. In ads that you will be less or missing out without buying their product. In church with the threatening you will go to hell or be doomed. In parliament with each party acting out like little children against each other. Bullying's face is power, greed and insecurity and will always be with us until adults start acting like adults and adults stop allowing children to be bullied. Teaching their children proper values themselves. And that isn't going to happen until they themselves understand it."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"What we should be producing is more happier and healthier lives. Placing far more importance on this in our schools, our parenting and in all areas of our existence. Planting a seed of hope and harvesting a crop of kindness. Importing and exporting happiness."
---Miles Patrick Yohnke

"One must get in touch with one's self. To be of any value it isn't about attaining things, but subtracting things and getting to the core. The core of one's self. To purchase or buy into one's self is one of the hardest things we must face or do in our lives. To be of real value in this world one must visit this place. Shop at this place. This large box-store of self."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"With credit card shopping available in one hand and my smartphone in the other, I'm living the current American dream..."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

photograph - Society Mirror - copyright held by photographer Nikolitsa Boutieros

"To live one's best life, one must become engaged to something in their life. One must play full out. Living one's life as if one's life depended on it. A sense of urgency. One must awaken, stop sleepwalking through life. Heed the knock at the door. Real passion stands there waiting. Take hold, for the passionate pursuit of it will take you on an exhilarating ride of unspeakable joy."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Advertisers financed by Corporate Power tell us a message. Then they sell it to us for a profit. Propaganda at it's ugliest. Create the market, flood the market then reap the rewards. This is a simple, yet powerful concept. Do you know who also had a message? Adolf Hitler. He too sold a message and people bought it. He preyed on their weaknesses. Hunger. Joblessness. Hopelessness."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Most wars are based on religious beliefs. Of and from the power of God. Sounds laughable in ways. Yet, it appears no one is understanding the joke. To commit such an act of violence of this kind is showing no belief nor fear of God by not honoring his teachings. It is the actions of lost souls and non-believers."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"It's one thing to watch sports, but it sure is far more enjoyable partaking in your own life whether it is sports at your community gym, activities at the local rec center, or anything else that gets you up and moving. Life is not a spectator sport. It's about getting engrossed in your own life. Not sitting on the sidelines, waiting for opportunity to come grab you by the hand. Not living vicariously through another's life. Vegging out on the couch, eating a triple bypass burger or mindlessly snacking on calorie laden, artery clogging, chemically altered food. Passive. Drinking, even tweeting about it."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"We fight to protect our privacy, even by enacting laws for such, yet, we share our innermost thoughts, beliefs and private activities on social medias like Facebook and Twitter for everyone to share, view and comment on. Are we this insecure?"
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"The real communicating artists seek unique expression. They are not interested anymore in sounding like their heroes, they are searching constantly, developing and refining their own unique voice."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

photograph - Life as ana Artist - color- copyright held by photographer Nikolitsa Boutieros

"What I have discovered is that there is a common thread that weaves through the fabric of a brilliant artist's soul. They think and feel so much. That's both the blessing and the curse of it."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"When the winds slow down during the storm within my own mind, I know my work is good. That is the life of an artist. Always happy and never happy."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"One look at you and Valentine's day occurs each day."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"If you project positive thoughts, you'll receive positive results. If you project negative thoughts, you'll have less people at your funeral."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Cancer isn't the only horrible disease we have in our land. Ignorance is even more prevalent."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"There are no mistakes in life. The only mistake is stopping."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Many artists harbor an inner turmoil. Their freedom is only often found within their work."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"To be deemed a successful person, one shouldn't be judged upon what he has but what he is."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"You must realize that you're invaluable but not portray how valuable you are."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Successful people, artists and non-artists alike, dedicate the hours to develop their craft. There is just no getting around it."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Let's enrich the minds and souls of all mankind. Let us gift-wrap that. Let us place that under the tree of mankind. Let us witness iPeace. iCare. iLove. iSurrender. These are the real Christmas gifts."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

photograph - Parker - color- copyright held by photographer Nikolitsa Boutieros

"On a regular basis we get up in arms regarding tainted beef and rightly so. We have food inspection agencies to help protect us. It saddens me that we have accepted and embraced the sound of current sound devices. Steve Jobs created many great products in his time. The iPod wasn't one of them. It's sound is 11 times less accurate than a CD-quality recording. It bothers me terribly that we are not hearing recordings the way that they were intended to be heard by the artists that made them. It bothers me more that no one is even asking or questioning it. That sounds rotten to me."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"We spend countless hours on Facebook posting mindless, empty, trivial info about one's self or perusing other's Facebook pages to read meaningless information about people we don't even hardly know. One must ask questions. Did all that posting and reading on Facebook improve my life? Did I learn something new, gain valuable insight or become a more compassionate and caring human being?"
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"We talk about the advancements in technology, and how it has improved so many areas of our life. In many cases, this is true. Although in our current sound climate of iPods, ear buds, tiny laptop speakers and compact sound files we have in some ways socially recessed back to the caveman era as the car has to the days of horse and carriage."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Technological slavery. It sounds harsh and perhaps even mad but social media has been something imposed upon us. Telling us that this is the way we will talk and interact with each other. Have we not learned from the past that no good has ever come from this type of dictatorship?"
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

"Hi-Ho, Silver! Away! We do not need to wear a mask and have a Native American sidekick to fight greed and battle for justice. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi were all just normal people like you and I. But they shared their beliefs that all peoples were created equal and that everyone has within themselves, the power to make this a better world."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

--- Copyright © 2013 Miles Patrick Yohnke and Nikolitsa Boutieros
All Rights Reserved.

Nikolitsa Boutieros - multi-media artist

Nikolitsa Boutieros is a multi-media artist from New York City. As an acclaimed photographer (her work has appeared in, Time Out and various galleries).

Nikolitsa has photographed industry icons Nick Cave and Patti Smith to name just a few.
For more information on her, please visit her websites at: and

Miles Patric Yohnke - canadian write and supporter of

Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing.

If you are looking at developing your career, Yohnke offers consulting in person, by phone or via email.
For more info, please contact him directly at: 306.227.6379
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