Career Tag Within Your Mind

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved.
Released June 5, 2015

Tag. You're IT.

Tag is a child's playground activity.

The commonly referred to "game of life" is not a game but a reality.

Find a job that you love and you'll add five days to your week.

For real. Create your own adult playground!

Often one's life can really feel more like a game though. A game of hide and seek. One can feel like they are hiding from themselves and each other by not doing the things that they truly desire within their hearts.

We can all find ourselves occupying this place through the course of our lives. Perhaps we are in a field of work that we have strived for, even though we end up striving for more.

What I'd recommend and I'd suggest this to anyone, in any field, is to write a list of your strengths and your weaknesses. In that list of strengths I don't want you to write things like: "I'm a good person", "hard worker", "I don't miss much work; rarely am I sick." Most people are this.

Rather, create a list of things that make you different.

Things like:

I think outside the box. ie: I can find solutions to problems. I can create original thoughts, ideas for our division, company - which in return creates more profits? More jobs? Expand on this. What is it that is special about you, your mind, your being?

How are you an asset to your company to take on new goals, and new areas within the company?

Companies often place a fear within their employees. Do a role reversal.

What assets do you hold that would create a fear in them if they were to lose you? Write a list of things they'd lose by not having you in their company. It is a powerful process to do. In doing all this, you start analyzing yourself, and analyzing your own mind. Few ever stop to question their motives.

Ask yourself this: "Why do I want a promotion? Is it just for more money? Is it so I feel more needed? To make me feel that I'm somehow a more worthy person?"

When we question and probe, a basic need or desire can transform into something completely different. Oddly, many will say "it's not just about the money", but rather "so I feel more worthy or needed". You may receive a promotion or even many throughout your career, but there may still be a longing that is unfulfilled. What was really needed wasn't a promotion, but more an inner work. Getting to a place within yourself, that whatever job you have, whatever you own, you feel happy within your own skin.

Weaknesses. Often people struggle through their lives as they don't stop to analyze their weaknesses. Their skill-set. The main problem normally falls into structure or being scattered in their thoughts or being. Far too often they'll run from themselves, use food, alcohol or drugs, to numb their own existence. It is hard to look in the mirror and ask questions about one's self. But you must in order to move forward. The transformation point exists where we can learn from both our pains and our pleasures. We can then turn our weaknesses into our strengths. Success is failure turned inside out.

We are told to save (invest) for the future. For our retirement. But rarely do we hear that we should invest in ourselves. Invest in learning more about ourselves and discover why we do the things we do. That is the real importance.

Come out, come out, wherever you are. One must seek and search the interior chambers of our minds. We get just this one adventure. We have to stop hiding and begin to live our lives like we had planned to back in our youth. No matter where we are in life or how old we are, we can always reach for our own dreams. Or create new goals and new dreams along the way.

Again, I repeat "find a job that you love and you'll add five days to your week."

Are you passionate about the field of work you are currently in? The career? Was this your life's calling?

What is that one thing calling you? That one thing that drives you? That one thing that motivates you to get out of bed every morning? Perhaps it's a number of things.

So what is IT? What is your IT?

Define IT as your purpose. Defining that purpose, that IT, dictates your performance game plan (mind map).

Once we have identified IT, we can prepare for IT.

Unlock the clues and discover. The key is not to think of IT as a goal or an end, but rather as a mantra. A statement that summarizes who you are, what drives you, and where you want to be.

Start thinking. Start reflecting. Start self-analyzing. And START doing your IT purpose.

Tag. You're IT.

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Copyright 2015 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

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