A Special Love

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved.
October 8, 2010

For Aneta and Aaron

Two children of God stand before us today.

From Paris to Mexico,
To the Eiffel Tower and the sandy beach shores,
Their hopes rested,
And their love blossomed.

Looking up into the heights of the endless blue sky,
For their love of climbing mountains.
With this new step, honest, loyal and true,
Their hearts' filled with the goal of "forever".
We shall attain.

Determination, like their love, does not waiver.

One hundred roses placed upon the floor.
For their faith in each other.
Such is their faith,
That through all the world's darkness
They now only see light,
Such is their love,
Such is their love.

Through every breath that they breathe,
And every place that they go,
There will be a hand that protects them,
As they love each other so.

So, they headed east, in search of a really good hot dog.

To start a new life,
To start a new life, as one.
For their love had reached the summit.

As the song goes...
We've only just begun.

So, on this day of Oct, 16th, 2010,
We will hear those magnificent, most glorious words,

Do you, Aneta, take Aaron? She does!
Do you, Aaron, take Aneta? He does!

Copyright 2010 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

Miles Patrick Yohnke

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