Find The Courage Within

Deguello On The Wind

and I'm sitting here like a boat at sea just drifting
and the sunlight is fading fast on the hills again
as I hear the sound of that old familiar song begin
it's the music of Deguello on the wind

choices here I know I have not many
so I buckle down for that fight again
and I load my guns and ya know I get ready
because it's the music of Deguello on the wind

It has been so long since I have had a stable life
it has been to long, I've had to take it all in strife
and I am so tired I just want to fade off from all this sin
but I hear the sound of Deguello on the wind

I can hear them come as they rush me in this valley
I can smell the fear on my sweat from what I have within
with a weak body and tested soul I raise again
and I'll stand and fight against Deguello on the wind.

Copyright © 2010 Brian Harreld Aanestad - All Rights Reserved
"DegŁello" means "beheading" or, idiomatically, "no quarter" (as in "no surrender to be given or accepted--a fight to the death") in Spanish and was the title of a Moorish-origin bugle call used by the Mexican Army forces at the Battle of the Alamo, Texas, in 1836.

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