You Decide Your Future

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2010
Released October 1, 2010

For Those About To Bike (We Salute You)

This past year I had the great pleasure of cycling with Mr. Murray Smith. Out there on the highway, flying along the dark asphalt shoulders, you learn many life lessons. What an honor to be cycling with Mr. Smith. He is so passionate about the sport. His knowledge on cycling and diet is massive.

As we blast down the highway side-by-side he is always engaged. Telling stories. Always talking present day and what he wants to do in his future. Talking about adjustments with his gearing and his bike. Also his diet. His body is all Rock N' Roll. Muscle upon muscle. His personality is overwhelming at times. When he speaks his eyes are lit-up. Wide-eyed just like an infant.

Oh, and did I mention to you that Murray Smith is 63 years old? He crushes most 20-something so-called professional cyclists. He has balls the size of a Volkswagen. Intense. Intense is he. What magic.

What you learn from Mr. Smith is that age and slowing down is a hoax. A hoax placed upon us by society.

They tell us that we slow down over time. Really? Or do we give up? Society can beat us down. Down to nothing. Cheat us out of our dreams. So there we are placed in front of our televisions and computers watching mindless advertisements. Mindless information. Selling us crap.

Why is it so many professional athletes retire and just a few years later, they are fat and overweight? Once a six pack. Replaced now with a one pack. A beer belly.

For many years they led a positive lifestyle. Reaching their goals and dreams and now this? Is life over after the sport? In these cases, it sure looks so.

I can't understand that. I can't accept that.

You retire from that one thing. And with the same principles you learned from it, you should then take on into other areas of your life. You can realize new dreams. Meet new goals. And too, did they not enjoy the discipline of that lifestyle? Why quit now?

I've never understood overweight coaches. Look at me. Respect me. Listen to me. Why? Look at you, coach. You aren't following your own teachings.

My late father said: "If you have a politician wanting to get elected and they're overweight, don't vote for them. They can't take care of themselves. How can they take care of a nation, a riding and such?"

And we talk about politics. There is a former Vice-President of the United States talking a lot about the environment. Perhaps that dude should eat one less cow. Start helping the planet that way. Lower consumption.

At 47, I've had a blessed life. I've lived many of my dreams. But I want to create new dreams. Reach new goals.

Mr. Murray Smith showed me what I can be at 63 (God willing). I'm terribly excited. And so should you be. Don't let society beat you down or dictate your future.

As Bruce Cockburn says, "You've got to kick at the darkness, 'til it bleeds daylight."

Now, let's go out there and do what Mr. Murray Smith does. Let's kick some Ass!

Murray Smith over the years

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