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--- By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright © 2014 - All Rights Reserved.

Released March 28, 2014


"To be nobody but yourself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight - and never stop fighting."
- E. E. Cummings

On February 21, 2014, the life transforming composition titled: "Parenting License" from motivational author Miles Patrick Yohnke was released. It isn't just a story. It is a new platform for living.

We HAVE to create a NEW PLATFORM for LIVING, says Mr. Yohnke. This ideal or template is not totally accurate, is it? The truth is actually right in front of us. The fact that people within our governments lie, cheat and steal for their own personal gain. And for what? All these different types of wars that transpire? We have websites for safe adultery. Safe adultery? And what are we accomplishing with all of this? What ethics are we setting for our children?

Listen to the talk and tone in the school classrooms and hallways, in malls, the workplace, everywhere. Look at how people need alcohol and drugs to somehow bear their own existence.

The basic fundamentals of life have been misplaced.

Is anyone happy? How many cry in their own private homes? How many can barely cope with their own existence? Turn on the television and watch not only the news but the programming. On display is all this lowbrow thinking of reality programs, movie plots, and this ME mindset. It's all this ME greed and 'bling' that will somehow embrace us with happiness. For most, the chase is all we know. And what we are chasing is someone else's conception of what we should be. Well that template is the wrong template. It doesn't work.

Decade after decade we have done this. It just demonstrates that we haven't developed our brains enough. That we haven't grown much further mentally or socially than the apes. If one continued to make the same mistakes over and over they'd be called "MAD". Yet, this is all we see in this world. The stats demonstrate and prove that 97% of the world is extremely unhappy. When is that going to change?

On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple Computer. It took Steve Jobs over two decades to really see the vision for Apple as a great mainstream personal computer come to vivid fruition. He never wavered with their Apple operating system. He knew that the operating system of a PC (piece of crap) was a second-rate product.

It took a long time to change how society and people thought. People accepted and embraced that the breakdowns of their PC's were normal. Much like how this world runs.

Well, I'm here to tell you that drinking, drugging, eating too much, buying recklessly, all this jealousy towards our fellow man, this hatred, these holy wars, these oil wars, these greedy wars, these religious wars, these wars, all these are an incorrect platform for being.

Parenting License - here is a different pathway. Here is a new Platform for A NEW PERSONAL SELF. It's not going to change the world overnight. But at least the content is created. Now what I ask is that everyone take an ownership of the content (story) and start living and sharing it. And over time, like the Apple company, we will see a real market share develop. This one, though, will be one where people are now comfortable in their own skins. Where everyone is equal.

The first time anything new is proposed it gets labeled as "risky" or "strange." You're going to walk on the moon? You and Wilbur are building what? Heavier-than-air flying machines? You Wright brothers are sure gullible! Black and white children attending the same school? Have you lost your mind?

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world," said Mahatma Gandhi.

We need to change what reality holds, be the doers of deeds. To be the stern strife of healthy living; one of achievement, bound with honorable behavior, to strive to bring ever nearer a better day. Do show us how the souls of these warrior-foe take flight. Today, our spirits soar.

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Copyright © 2014 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

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Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry, including many awards in sales and marketing. If you are looking at developing your career, Yohnke offers consulting in person, by phone or via email. For more info, please contact him directly at: 306.227.6379

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